The Board Exam

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Shy Bladder and The Board Exams

The Board Exam

I was very much ready for a Licensure Examination way back 2014 because I studied and focused on my review. But there was one thing that would ruin the result of this very important exam of my life, the SHY BLADDER SYNDROME.

I already knew about my syndrome when I was in college, so I prepared for it by not drinking water in the morning of the exam day so there would be less chance to pee that day. There were 3 parts of the exam, 4 hours each for 1 and a half day.

On the middle of the first part of the exam, I felt I needed to pee. But I decided to hold it until I finish the first part of the exam since I already knew that there would be an escort going to the restroom who will stand next to me when I pee. When I finished the first part, I already had too much urine in my bladder I needed to release. My mind was already crumbling due to anxiety so when I tried to pee, it didn’t come out. I stayed in the toilet for almost an hour, but nothing happened. I was already messed up and I didn’t even eat my lunch, but I still took the second part of the exam.

Things got worst and I answered all questions in the exam paper quickly. I was the first one to finish the exam one hour before the time limit. I came home and I tried to release it but still pee didn’t come out. Fortunately, I was able to pee after an hour maybe because I was the only one at home and my dormmates were still there taking the exam. Thankfully, I took the third part of the exam held on the second day very smoothly.

The results came out after three days and I passed the exam! My heart was truly grateful. I even prayed more for my syndrome rather than the answers in the exam papers. Because I always believe in the saying “Do your best and God will do the rest!”. I studied in the best way I could and kept in mind that I will pass the exam, all I needed to do is to surrender all to God.

It was a new beginning to me as I started my life as a working professional with the license I got from the exam. And as time passed by, I still have the SHY BLADDER SYNDROME. There were many anxieties battle I faced which were even worst and that’s for my next story…

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