17 Hour Traveling Day

All day traveling to Kauai, Hawaii, and this is how it goes…

I make sure I drink very little this long traveling day. I have 1 small cup of coffee, and some sips of water, and that’s it!

I ate very little as well, which is normal for me because I hate the feeling of being stuffed, and then stuffed into that little tiny airplane seat. Not very comfortable!

So it all begins early in the morning. I’m up at 6 a.m. and usually I grab a coffee for my normal routine… Today I have NONE! I don’t want to begin this day by filling my bladder.

That’s not good!

The last time I flew, I had to pee, and it was painful and miserable. I don’t want to duplicate that day.

So I drink nothing and make sure I pee 3 or 4 times before I head out the door. It may be my last pee for a while.

This day (after peeing with my Pee Buddy for the last ten days) feels different. I have more faith in myself and I feel pretty confident about using the bathrooms and stalls.

Needless to say: I was WRONG!

Very wrong!

I tried to go 4 times during that 17 hour trip, and I only succeeded ONE TIME!

Just once!

That’s a success rate of only 25%. Much less than I would have imagined.

I’m not happy!

The first time I try to pee is right before boarding the plane. We’re in this lounge at the airport, which has a rather secluded bathroom. And since there aren’t that many people in the lounge, I think I will be able to go.

I head into the bathroom, there are 3 urinals and 2 stalls. But of course, the first stall is taken (and right now, urinals are out of the question).

I head into the last stall. Fuck! The toilet is positioned close to the partition, versus in the corner against the wall. WHY do they do this??? I hate that!

So I stand at the toilet and try. It’s very quiet in there. No music. No noise. Nothing but me and him, who is now just sitting there quietly listening to me.

I stand there for a minute. I know he can see my feet. He grunts and shuffles a bit.

I’m frozen and locked up!

I try to ignore him and concentrate on peeing. That’s when he decides to drop some bombs.

Ugh, I hate that noise and he’s going to town…

I can’t take it. I bail.

I don’t want to be around that. Nor smell it!

I’m outta there. I know it’s a bathroom and that’s what they do in a bathroom, but I don’t want to be standing next to him while he’s doing it.

I give up and leave. Why did he have to be in there when I need to pee? Sigh!

I sit back down in the lounge and Mike (My Pee Buddy) looks at me. I frown slightly. He frowns back. He knows I couldn’t go!

I board the first of two flights. I’m nervous because it’s a 4 hour flight. That’s a long time

17 Hour Plane Trip

I tell myself I’ll force myself to use the plane bathroom. I actually still feel like I’ll be able to use it since I’m by myself and it is a locked door…


I stand there forever in the little restroom and try to go as the plane moves slightly back and forth.

I’m locked up again.

I tell myself that I’ll stand there all day if needed, so I might as well pee…

It doesn’t help. It knows I’m lying.

I can’t pee.

I stand there for 3, 4, 5 minutes. Still nothing.

I look at myself in the mirror on the wall. I plead with myself (in my mind). I need to pee… Please!

It wasn’t happening! I couldn’t go no matter what.

I gave up!

Now I’m unhappy. This is twice with 2 failures!

I tell myself it’s because the urge to pee wasn’t strong enough. I figure that’s the reason why and try not to dwell on it.

We land and have a 3 hour layover (not cool). It’s already been almost 7 hours since I’ve left my house and I haven’t peed yet.

Can I go another 3 hours and then another plane trip?

We head back to this airport’s lounge. All my friends go to the bathrooms… And I go too. Mike follows me into the john.

I’m very nervous. I don’t know what to expect.

I see it’s pretty full. There are guys at the urinals, which Mike gets behind, and there is one stall left empty, and thankfully, it’s the last stall in the corner.

I feel a little relief. I got lucky.

I head in and get lucky again. The toilet is butt up against the corner wall versus next to the partition (which was occupied). There was about 3 feet of clean space separating us! :)

You wouldn’t think the position of the toilet would make much difference, but it does. It makes a LOT of difference!

I stand there for a minute, and suddenly I’M PEEING! I get a stream going and it’s strong. I have SUCCESS!


After that we all head off to a restaurant for food and drinks (they need grease to ward off the booze).

I eat a salad (still staying light), and drink my couple sips of water… “woah, not too much!“.

After that, we still have about 2 hours of layover left.

I decide to try to pee again. I also decide that I should try a normal airport bathroom (versus the lounge), so while everyone else is in the waiting area, I head to the nearest restroom.

Sadly… the bathroom I pick (the one that my friends can see me go into) is NOT a normal airport bathroom. Generally airport bathrooms are fairly large: 17 stalls, 20 urinals, 2 rows of sinks… But NOT this one. I happened to pick a mini-bathroom. This one only has 3 stalls (which you face as you enter the bathroom), and a handful of urinals, tight together, next to the wall.


AND the only stall empty is the center stall. Of course! :(

I enter apprehensively. The other two stalls are dropping kids off at the pool… And instantly I don’t want to be there. I stand my ground and try to pee anyway.

That is, until I happened to glance behind me because I hear a lot of guys coming and going in the bathroom. And what do I see?

There’s a huge gap in the stall door… I can see guys walking in and moving about. They are walking in facing me and seeing me stand there…

I give up again!

I can’t do it. Failed attempt #3.

By the time we landed in Kauai, I had to pee pretty badly. I tried not to think about it. I hold my urine and no one else is the wiser…

I don’t pee again until I’m in the condo. Which is a long, long time… Because we had the dumb layover, another 5.5 hour flight, then we have to wait for luggage, take a shuttle to the rental place, and then drive to the condo, which was 45 minutes away from the airport.

Not cool!

By the time I stepped foot in the condo, I thought I would explode. After a 17 hour day, I only peed ONE single time.

That’s a nightmare!

So much for progress!

The good thing is, the layout of the condo was awesome. My bedroom and my bathroom (that locks) is at the end of a long hallway, away from the rest of the house so no one else will walk down there.

I’m isolated!

Perfect for a Paruretic!

I loved it and had no problems using it.

I will say this, that’s the longest I think I had ever gone in my life without peeing. It’s actually pretty scary. I hate to see what damage I’m doing to my body.

What’s scarier is what my pee looked like after holding it for so long. It was extremely dark and gritty. It scared me to see it. It didn’t look right.

Ten minutes later I peed again.

And again.

And again.

My bladder caught up with me.

In fact, I peed for the rest of the night (making up for lost time).

By the end of the third pee my urine did return to a normal light yellow (especially since I drank lots of water to cleanse myself).

I hate long flights and hate layovers. It doesn’t bode well with anyone with Pee Shyness. It just makes the whole day dreadful.

I am surprised that I was able to hold it so long. It can’t be good on my kidneys.

Poor things!

So here I am writing this in Kauai.

I made it safely. It’s hot and very beautiful here. AND… I have my very own bathroom!

I can’t beat that!

When the hell are they going to invent teleporters?

I could really use one! :)

Looking back, I ponder. If the conditions had been a little bit different, I probably could have peed at the airport.

If the stalls next to me didn’t have someone going #2, I know I could have gone. I know it!

Usually in a bigger bathroom (these were both small), you have more odds at finding an empty stall with a vacant one next to it. That would have spelled SUCCESS!

So yes, thinking back, I was close… But no call!

The airplane bathroom is a different story. I really do think that was a lack of urgency. But those bathrooms, those are still a mystery!

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