Why do People Pee in Groups?

Why is it when one person says “I’m going pee“, that other people will chime in “Oh, I’ll go too!

Why do people feel the urge to pee with friends?

Why is peeing a social event?

Women do it all the time. When one excuses herself at the table, just about every other woman will say “I’ll go with you”.

When one pees, they all pee!

People Pee In Groups

Knowing that peeing is such a contagious function makes me even more apprehensive to tell anyone that I need to pee. Guys aren’t as bad as women are, but they will still say “I might as well go too“.

Especially if you’re at the theater, amusement park, mall, store, airport…

When I pee, I want to pee alone. I don’t want to feel intimidated when my friend goes to the urinal (and pees like a race horse) and I have to locate a stall for my ten minute fiasco. My friends (all but one) DO NOT know that I am pee shy, and I don’t want to make it obvious.

I don’t want them questioning my masculinity. “Why not use the urinal?

Plus, if we go together then I know that chances are good, they’ll be more inclined to wait for me.

Waiting and waiting, because I know they’re waiting and it makes my anxiety even worse.

So I have to be careful when I’m out with a bunch of guys and I need to go. I can’t voice my concern, I have to wait for the right moment to make my move.

Usually I’ll wait until they all go, and then, like it suddenly hits me as an afterthought, “I guess I should go too while we’re here!

That way at least they’re waiting outside and not on the other side of the stall door.

This Just Happened…

The other day I’m at the Art Museum with 4 friends.

Me and Joe are waiting for the other two to finish class and I really needed to go to the john.

We were walking the museum and passing by the bathrooms and without saying a word, I just dart in

I’m hoping he doesn’t have to go and follow me in…

Some guys, especially your friends, will want to chat. Sports, Weather, Women, Whatever…

And that’s the last thing I need.

No one else was in the bathroom. It’s ultra quiet. I head into the stall, latch the door, and proceed to stand at the toilet.

It takes me a good minute or two to calm down enough to begin. I always fear that someone will slam open the bathroom door and scare the crap out of me… This usually freezes up my stream until they leave.

I wait and wait.

No Joe!

I can’t believe it.

I finally finished peeing and boy did it feel good.

When I left the bathroom, Joe was at the end of the hall talking with some girl.



It worked swell for both of us. :)

If he would have come in, like most people are accustomed to doing, I might still be in there trying to pee.

The fact that this ritual, male bonding, peeing in groups, whatever you want to call it, goes on, makes being out in public difficult.

Friends have no idea the pressure they put on Paruretics.

Shy Bladder is a shyness, something you want to do alone, in quiet, with no fear of being interrupted, surprised or startled.

“I’m going to the bathroom!”

I guess I’ll go too!

And me…!

Well if everyone’s going, I should go as well!


I generally just stand outside and wait. It’s either wait outside or wait inside. Which is the lesser evil?

I have to pick my battles wisely.

Don’t tell anyone. Don’t make it obvious. Just go!

If I can.

You never know. Sometimes it comes out, other times, not so much.

I keep waiting for the day when one of my friends will say “You never have to go to the bathroom!

I would nod and agree and say something stupid like “I must have a strong bladder“.

If only they knew.

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