More Fluid Loading – More Success!

I Fluid Load an hour before we run out the door for some errands.

32 ounces of water and a coffee did the trick.

More Fluid Loading - More Success!

We get to Menards first. I head straight for the bathroom.

I go in, it’s empty!

There are 3 urinals. I move up to the last one by the stalls.

I hold my breath and begin to pee in about 30 seconds.

I peed for quite a bit!

And while I’m peeing, I’m trying to calm myself and actually picture guys coming in and stepping up to the urinal beside me.

I’m mentally preparing for it!

And that’s about the time that a guy did come in. But he went to the sink and started washing his hands.

Then another guy comes in and heads into the last stall (I believe there are 2 or 3, I’m not quite sure).

And all the while I didn’t skip a beat, I just kept on peeing.


Then another guy comes in and heads into the first stall next to me. He’s wiping down the seat as I finally finish and empty my bladder.

I’m happy I didn’t break stream or have to wait through that mess about to happen… :)

So after we shop for a bit, we head across the street to Meijers.

And since I have a lot of fluids in me, I know I could pee again. So as we walk in, I head to the bathroom!

It’s empty as well!

I step up to the 2nd of 2 urinals and start to pee in just a couple of seconds.

I peed until I was empty again.

So that’s 2 more sessions, 2 more successes!

And, it’s also another step closer in my Paruresis Recovery!

I’m quite happy about that. :)

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