Pee Buddy Day 15 and 16

I peed 5 times on Friday (day 15) with my Pee Buddy. All of them were a success!

One thing I still do though is pee by myself when I’m about to leave the house to go somewhere. I just don’t want to take a chance of having that time being a miss.

I don’t want to be out, an hour away from home and have to pee.

Pee Buddy Day 15 and 16

So if I’m leaving for a bit, I pee alone. Sometimes, as I stated before, I have to pee 2 or 3 times before hand.

My Paruresis, and I’m assuming an enlarged Prostate are always making me feel like I can pee more.

Which I usually do!

Day 16 (Saturday) is a copy of day 15. Nothing new to report.

I will say though, that when the landscapers came to work on the lawn today, I didn’t want to use the small bathroom by the kitchen. There’s a big window on the other side of the door, and I didn’t want they guys to see me and Mike going into the john together. LOL I’d rather avoid that awkward situation.

I know Mike wouldn’t give a shit, he’d just blow it off, point to me and say “He’s Pee Shy“. End of story!

But for me, of course, that would be highly embarrassing!

So instead, I head for the larger back bathrooms (by the bedrooms), where a casual glance in the windows won’t see two men going into the loo. :)

I don’t want people to think I’m odd or anything (again, I’m worrying about what other people think).


One thing I do notice about this home desensitization is the fact that I don’t pee as often as I normally would. I’m sure this is because I feel obligated to pee with my Pee Buddy, and in order to pee with Mike I have to have a stronger urge to go.

Otherwise I tend to stand there longer and not urinate.

So my voyages to the bathroom are probably cut in half.

I’ve read that workshops use tricks to make you go more often. Like drinking more water and cutting off your stream in mid-flow so you can pee again soon, and more often. Like every 20 minutes or so.

I haven’t stopped my flow yet. I figure I’m peeing, that’s the ultimate goal anyway, so why end it early?

But it does make me wonder…

If I pee more and more around Mike, will I desensitize quicker?


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