More Peeing Success!

We’re heading out to the local bar, and so I Fluid Load before hand.

We get there, and I make my way to the bathroom pronto.

I know I need to pee. I’ve actually had to pee for the last hour or so, so I should have no problems tonight…

I go in. It’s empty!

Now remember, this bathroom is TINY TINY, like the size of a broom closet. It only has 1 urinal and 1 stall. All in all, it’s about a 5 foot radius. Close quarters, no room to breath…

Plus, the urinal faces the wall directly next to the door (just an inch away). So anyone walking in, is practically in your face, looking right at you as they enter. You can’t avoid eye contact even if you tried. It’s all very unnerving!

Thankfully, all the times that I’ve ever gone in there and stood at that urinal, not a single guy has come in… which would scare the crap outta me no doubt!

I go up to the Urinal, Unzip, and Hold my Breath!

In about 20 seconds I begin to pee. I still continue to take in very slow and steady breaths, hold it, and exhale just to keep the flow going… just in case!

But, for the entire 3 minutes that I stood there peeing (like Niagara Falls), no one came in.

I was able to Pee, Wash, and Leave!


And as I exit the bathroom and start down the narrow hallway, I see at the other end, leaning against the wall, are 2 young guys (19-21?) chatting and waiting to be seated. They both look at me as I stroll by…

They could have easily come into the bathroom to pee. In fact, they could have BOTH come in to wizz at the same time (as many friends do)… And since there are only 2 spots available (unless you use the sink), one of them would have to stand directly behind me, breathing down my neck, waiting for me to finish…

My stomach drops just thinking about this…

But I’m happy that this didn’t happen. Who wants that awkwardness or embarrassment? Right?

Young guys always seem to intimidate me. All that testosterone and masculinity… It makes me wonder what really happened in my childhood to cause my Paruresis??? I don’t really know for sure. I seem to have blocked out a painful incident! It’s just a mystery to me

More Peeing Success!

Intimidating is what it is!

So while tonight was a great success, it’s all in the timing and luck!

Or is it?

I guess you can never live your life on “what ifs“…

I Peed! I Succeeded! End of story!


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