Things that make me want to Pee!

As much as I try not to pee when I’m out, there are things that make me WANT to pee!

Things out of my control (pretty much). Because, let’s face it, I would avoid peeing in public if I could help it.

And these things are out to get me:


When it’s raining out, it makes the desire to pee greater. I don’t know if it’s the soft patter of rain drops, the soothing sound, or the visual sight of water flowing that does it, but anytime it’s raining, it makes my urge to urinate stronger.

Cold Weather

Nothing makes me want to pee more than when it’s cold outside (good thing I live in a State that’s only cold 8 months of the year). It’s probably because my testicles rise closer to my body to stay warm and that contraction makes me want to pee, who knows? But it does. I hate the cold!

What ever you do, don’t put an ice cold drink between your legs! :)


Boxers aren’t so bad, but Briefs that hug your junk are horrible. The tightness of them makes me want to go to the john. A lot! It’s too constricting. The pressure. The cramped feeling. It makes me want to pee.

Things That Make Me Want To Pee

Bumpy Roads

Why is it that when you have to pee, you hit every bump and pot hole on the way home?

That constant vibration is no good for a bladder full of piss!

Drinking More

The more liquids you take in, the more liquids want to come out. So I end up not drinking too much, I dehydrate myself, especially if I know I’m going out for a while.

The Sound of Water

Just the sound of water can do it. It could be any water: Rivers, Lakes, Streams, The Beach, Water Falls, Fountains… The sound of Water is usually enough to make the faucets want to open. The key word here is “WANT“… they still never do! :(

Seeing the Bathrooms

If the bathroom door is within eye sight, and I see people coming and going, it makes me want to follow suit. Likewise if my friends are getting up to pee, the natural instinct is to relieve myself as well. I just never can.

Heading out the Door

Every night, just as I’m getting ready to leave for the evening, I have to pee. And knowing that it’s my LAST pee for a while, it makes me pee, and then pee some more.

I’ll literally pee, get to the front door, stop, turn around, and pee again.

My anxiety does that. Tricks me into thinking I’m done peeing and I’m good to go. And then it screams at me seconds later and tells me that it needs to pee again. ARGGGG! It drives me crazy.

I end up peeing like 3 or 4 times before I finally get out the door. How frustrating is that?

Other Things…

Other things that could trigger my bladder and body into wanting to pee…


Any kind of motion: Tickling, Laughing, Vehicle Motion (as in Boats, Planes, Trains, Motorcycles), Amusement Rides, Horse Back Rides, Piggy Back Rides… They all make my bladder slosh around and need to pee.

Bed Time

I tuck myself in. Get nice and cozy. And then have to get up right before I drift off and relieve myself. Otherwise I’d lay there all night thinking “I need to Pee, I need to Pee, I need to Pee” and it would keep me up and keep me from sleeping until I did so.

S – E – X

Yep! That makes me want to pee (afterwards). Who knows what it’s from. The pressure, the release, getting rid of tension… It could be from the onslaught of testosterone, or the motion of the ocean, or it could just be cleaning out the pipes, I don’t get it, but it makes me want to pee.

I’m sure I’m not the only one!

So when I go out, I try to avoid silly things like: Cold Fronts, Thunderstorms, Squirt Guns, Water Balloons, Pools, Dirt Roads, Railroad Tracks, Heavy Drinking, Tight Underwear, and, oh yeah…

Bathrooms, Johns, Porta-Potties, Out Houses, Restrooms, Rest Stops and the Loo!

They all make me want to pee.

If only that signal would be passed on to my bladder… Because that thing, that’s things on lock down!

And it wants to pee right now!

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