An Experiment Gone Wrong

So tonight, I decided to experiment more with Breath Hold, really TEST myself!

The results are interesting, and a little disappointing!

I was talking to Mike about peeing next to guys, and how hard it would be to pee in a Trough.

It was a crazy conversation because I told him that was still something I wanted to accomplish…

“Peeing with someone facing me!”

“And not only facing me, but staring right at my…

(And I couldn’t even say it, I just kind of waved my hand over my groin area)

Mike sneered at me!

I know” I said “I feel the same way!

And that’s when I told him about David Soucy’s bookPee Shy to Pee Free“. On page 56 in his book, he talks about having a friend Witness him, by not only facing him, but staring directly at his dick while he peed.

As I told Mike this, he just kept looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. I could read the horror! lol

I told him that I wanted to try that. Have him face me as I do Breath Hold to see if it would work.

You want me to stare at you…?” he said and his eyes dropped down to my pants and back up.

I smirked!

“Just so I can really test Breath Hold. That would be the ultimate test, the most extreme situation that I could probably face.”

He stood there for the longest time. I could really hear the gears turning in his head. What line am I crossing???

He finally sighed. “Okay, Fine! But I’m not too happy about it!

HA! I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Mike has stared in my general direction before, and even looked me in the eyes as we’ve talked during urination. But this is different! This is putting direct focus entirely on my shyness. No way around that!

I laughed “That makes two of us!

No one wants to do that, ask that, nor be put in such an awkward situation.

No one hears about this” he said “EVER!

No problem there! (except for the whole internet).

So I grab my timer and head to the bathroom. I unzip as Mike stands in the doorway. He’s facing me, but is really battling this manly ordeal. He looks me in the eyes, frowns, then looks down and stares at “that“.

I see him crack a smile… probably out of nervousness or idiocy. But he’s trying not to laugh.

A Shy Bladder Experiment Gone Wrong

I was already holding my breath and I have to look away because it’s making me laugh.

I try to ignore him and keep my composure. For anyone who has ever tried this technique (Witnessing), it is NOT EASY!

30 seconds go by. 40…

Right about 45 seconds in, I realize that I’m right on the verge of peeing. I’m RIGHT THERE! But I’m also fighting against something else…

My Sphincter!

You see, all of this Breath Holding is not only beginning to loosen my Pee Sphincter, but also my other Sphincter… The one that is holding back a fart!

(And just so you all know, I often fart when I pee)

So I’m holding my breath and struggling at not farting at the same time. I don’t want this to happen. That would be embarrassing!

50 Seconds in…

Right before I pee, I feel a fart starting… I can’t let that happen. So I inhaled… And once I inhaled, everything locked up again.

Damn you Sphincter!

I was only seconds away from success. That sucked!

Farting is actually a fear of mine. If I did that at the urinal I would be mortified!

2nd Attempt

A couple of minutes later, I tell Mike I want to try again (I didn’t tell him that I failed because I wanted to fart). And, I also really had to pee! Plus, holding my breath that long relaxed my Sphincter and was making me want to pee even more…

So… we try again!

I will say it is so difficult to pee when someone is staring directly at your junk. (It’s a good thing I have nothing to be ashamed of)

40 Seconds go by… Then 50…

And there it is again… That FART!

I feel like I could fart again because my Sphincter is loosening up. FUCK!

(That’s what I get for eating Onions)

This is why sometimes it’s taken me minutes to pee with Mike around… I’ve had to fart and I was holding it back.

(I’m sure I’m not the only one)

So I decide to ignore the fart, and keep holding my breath (I really wanted to piss). I was so close…

60 seconds in…

It happens.


Not a big rip-roaring fart, more like a little dog fart. But it was enough to break all concentration. I instantly started laughing, which caused Mike to laugh and leave the room. NOT RIGHT! (it’s a good thing it didn’t stink)

DAMN! I was so close to peeing… and I still didn’t pee. ARGGG!

This really blows!

So we talk about it, and he reminds me that I have no problems farting any other time. True True! (I chuckle)

But this is different. Usually when I fart, I’m alone in the room (although he can still hear me). It’s not with someone standing right next to you with their head down there…

People fart all the time at Urinals” he says.

“Yeah, but it would make me laugh” I say.

It would make me run” he says.

More laughter!

So we try a 3rd time!

This time, after 60 seconds a little pee comes out. But as soon as it came out, I locked up again. I totally expected this, and that’s why I continued to hold my breath. I wanted success!

70 seconds go by. I pee a little bit more, then lock up. “Come on” I think!!!!

I certainly thought that if I kept holding my breath through the start it would finally flow. But NOOOOOOO!!!!

I STILL keep holding my breath. This has GOT to work!

80 Seconds go by…

After 80 seconds I peed a little bit more, then it stopped once more. Are you kidding me?

Finally I can’t take it anymore and inhale. I had to! I was dying for air. 1 Minute and 20 seconds is a LONG time to hold your breath.

I really did think that after the first lock up, that it would work. But it didn’t!

I was tight and clamped down for good. Peeing under these circumstances was tough. Not what I expected.

I’m not happy with those results!

I’m also quite dumbfounded. I don’t see why it didn’t work.

A couple of minutes later, I told Mike I wanted to try again. 4th time has gotta work… But it didn’t!

I peed a little bit more, then it locked up. I pee a little more… then it locked up once more.

Son of a…

This is frustrating!

Do I have an extra tight Sphincter or what? (Don’t answer that)

So ten minutes later, and a couple more chugs of water, I’m ready to try again.

“This time” I tell Mike “Just stand there next to me and face forward (not looking at my Johnson).

He does. I Pee!

Go figure!

I peed at 50 seconds into Breath Hold. That’s nuts! And, I peed until my bladder was empty.

So while Breath Hold does have some success with me, I can also see that I still need work.

There are just some things that are out of my reach right now. Maybe in another week or so… who knows?

Right now, I guess I’ll take what I can get. It works half the time, so it’s not a complete failure, nor a complete success. It is what it is.

I was able to pee a little with Mike as a “Witness“. But that’s not good enough for me. I want 100% success!

Breath Hold, don’t fail me yet!

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