Okay, This is Funny!

This just goes to show you how desensitized I’m becoming…

Repeated Practice Does Pay Off!

I didn’t sleep too well last night, I tossed and turned, and so when I awoke I was really feeling tired (Hate that Feeling – I wake up Yawning, it’s just not right!)

And as I stumble into the Kitchen, I see Mike (my Pee Buddy) putting Dishes away.

He looks at me. I look back with one eye open (too tired to open both lol).

I grab a cup of coffee and say “Wanna Pee?” (Which actually means: I’m going to Pee now, come stand next to me!)

But now reading it, I guess it sounds more like a command you would give your dog “Wanna Pee? Go Outside? Huh? Huh? Huh?” LMAO!

Dog Peeing Outside

I’m not right!

So he’s still putting dishes away and I mosey on over to the tiny Bathroom by the Kitchen (the one that’s barely big enough to stand in), and I’m so tired and out of it, that as soon as I stand at the toilet I start to pee

Now this is funny…

I’ve always waited for Mike in the past. I stand there and wait until he comes to the open door, and then I proceed to pee.

But not Today!

Today I wasn’t even thinking, I just started peeing

And suddenly Mike (who must have heard me peeing), came running, bolting, flying into the hallway, sliding across the tile in his bare socks and slamming, crashing into the door frame.

BAM!!!! CRASH!!!! BOOM!!!!

He says “I guess you had to go!

I look his way. That’s when I realized for the first time that I was already peeing and not waiting for him. Oops! It was quite hilarious!

I guess so” I replied. And the entire time that he was there, breaking down the door frame and all, I didn’t stop peeing, I just kept on going.

That’s incredible to me!

Normally I would freeze up, hesitate, weaken, something… but I wasn’t thinking about peeing, I wasn’t thinking about Mike coming, I wasn’t thinking about anything really… Just standing there half asleep and letting Mother Nature take her course.

I remember 4 months ago, just the sight of Mike or a simple glance from him would be enough to lock me up. And now a bomb pretty much explodes next to me and I’m still peeing. HAHAHA! Gotta love that!

Practice and Continuous Desensitizing Works!

Now, if only I could go back to bed

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