A Christmas Wish

Today is Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is a magical time of year that is full of Dreams, Desires and Wishes.

A Christmas Wish

So this year…

I thought I’d make a Wish:

I Wish that People afflicted with Pee Shyness would be Cured for just One Day!

Just One Day?

An entire life would be better, but I need to keep this wish realistic and not overflowing the Wish List

So I wish for one day that Paruretics world-wide would be free of this social phobia entirely. This crazy fear that cripples millions and millions of people, both men and women alike.

A day where you don’t think about Peeing, where to Pee, how to Pee, or if you’re going to Pee. No more Avoidance, it’s over!

A day where Peeing comes natural and you can just Urinate whenever you feel the desire. Regardless of how many people there are in the bathroom, who’s Looking, Watching, Intimidating you or Sizing you up. It’s a Free Day!

You can Pee where you please! You don’t have to think twice.

Peeing is Enjoyable and Relaxing and puts a Smile on your Face.

It’s Pure Relief!

One Day!

Just to see how good it feels, to know what our goals are, and what we want to obtain.

A natural life!

A normal life!

One Day!

That’s all I ask!

Give us something to Hope for. Hold on for. Strive for.

One day where bathrooms don’t scare us. Where you can Pee with the door open. You can Pee on a Plane. You can Pee outside. In a Trough. Next to your friends and family. And no one would care!

Not even yourself!

So there you go. That’s my Wish!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope this year is festive and fun. I hope you spend it with your family and loved ones. And I hope that all your wishes DO come true!

For many of us in recovery, it will.


Maybe not this Christmas, but next Christmas. Maybe then Paruresis will be a thing of the past.

I’m Wishing…

Someday that “One Day” will be “Today” and “Every Day“!

Happy Holidays All!
Ho Ho Ho!

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