Peeing at the Top of the CN Tower

Tonight we eat an Awesome Steak Dinner in the 360 Restaurant at the Top of the CN Tower in Toronto (1.151 Feet Up).

We’re there for a Couple of Hours overlooking the City Lights at Night.

Walking on the Glass Floors was a Scary Fun Experience…

Glass Floor CN Tower Toronto

But the Wind was Cold and Blowing at that Height and you didn’t want to Stay outside long. BRRRR!

After the Meal in the 360 Spinning Restaurant, we get up to leave, and Mike heads into the Bathroom.

I stand outside and wait!

I didn’t have a High Urgency, but after a Couple of Glasses of Wine, I knew that I could probably go.

So he comes out. I ask him it’s it’s Busy in there…

He says “NO”, and so I go in!

The Bathroom was Posh, Elegant, and almost Empty.

One guy was heading into a Stall, and another guy was at the sinks.

I see 3 Urinals with Pretty Big Dividers.

I go to the one at the end and get myself situated.

I also pull out my Phone and check my Messages.

And wouldn’t you know it, I begin to PEE in 20 Seconds!

The door opens…

A guy comes in and walks up to Urinal #1. I’m still Peeing, but thinking to myself “If someone else comes in, they’ll HAVE to go to the Center Urinal…”

And of course, the door opens, and a guy comes in and heads towards us, but then goes into one of the Stalls…


So I keep Peeing, and finally Finish and Flush.

I put my Phone away, zip up, and head over to the sinks.

And as I do, one of the Stall Doors opens up, and some guy comes walking out…

He comes walking out with Toilet Paper stuck to his shoe… Poor Guy!

I was going to say something to him, but it fell off as he got to the sink.

I wash and leave. And that was me Peeing at the Top of Toronto!

It’s a Cool City, I’ve been here Plenty of Times in the Past, but Tomorrow, we’re Checking out and taking a Road Trip to Niagara Falls.

What Bathrooms will I encounter there?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…


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