47 Days and No Pee

It’s 47 Days into my Shy Bladder Recovery and I met one more of my Bathroom Goals today.

I did some running around, actually went to 5 places and a Restaurant/Bar for Dinner (incredible Burger & Onion Rings).

While we’re waiting for our food, Mike (my Pee Buddy) goes to the bathroom. He comes back a few minutes later.

I ask him what the bathroom’s like?

He says there’s 2 urinals and 1 stall. “The urinals are weird” he says “they come up out of the ground“.

They’re tall urinals?” I say.


Interesting. I’ve never stood at a tall urinal before… This could be fun.

It’s much harder to “fake” peeing when guys behind you can see that no pee is running down the porcelain (not that they’d be looking, but if they’re waiting…). Short urinals make it easier to hide and mask the desensitization process.

So after we eat, I tell Mike that I’m going to the men’s room. “I’ll be back in 3 minutes” I say.

I make my way across the bar towards the bathroom. I’ve been watching guys enter and leave all night (they have to walk by our table in route). The traffic is steady, but not entirely busy. Then again, with only 2 urinals, it doesn’t take much for a full house!

As I get close to the door, a waitress passes by me and looks me right in the eyes. She knows where I’m going.

I head in!

It’s a pretty swanky bathroom. Crazy ornate sinks, dark brown wood walls with cool decorations, a fully enclosed stall and two tall urinals on the left rising up out of the ground (with a pretty sizable divider between them). It’s all very elegant and regal. WOW! Impressive!

And… No one else is in the bathroom! SWEET!

I step up to the second urinal and unzip!

47 Days and No Pee

5 seconds later the door opens and a guy steps up to the first urinal. It’s very quiet in there so it feels a little awkward since we’re not making any noise. He can tell I’m not peeing. I hold my breath and wait…

He starts peeing finally so at least there’s some sound now.

I’m having problems holding my breath. For some reason I’m unable to hold it longer than 20 seconds. I have no idea why. I keep trying, but it’s not working.

I can feel that I have an urge to pee so I concentrate on that and nothing else.

The guy next to me is almost done so he flushes the urinal as he’s finishing. The flushing sound makes standing there so much more bearable.

He heads to the sink and washes!

I’m still trying to coax my pee. My Breath Hold is getting me no where.

The guy finally dries his hands and leaves. Now it’s just me, alone and quiet in the bathroom. Joy! It’s got to be so awkward for other guys…

I stand there another minute. I was hoping that I could get out even a little squirt of pee, something, anything, but nope. I got nothing!


I flush, wash, dry and leave.

Breath Hold didn’t do so well today. But at least I did accomplish one more bathroom visit (actually peeing is not part of that goal). That’s two down, one to go.

With 2 days left, I should have no problems.

I Hope! :)

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