Peeing in the Urinal

We head out to the bar for a burger. I Fluid Load before we go

The place was hoping. PACKED! There’s a 20 minute wait for a table, so we pull up seats at the bar.

A live band is playing. The atmosphere is very masculine and macho.

Peeing in the Urinal!

I’m feeling on display at the bar. Intimidated to say the least.

I have a slight urge to pee, but decide to drink some more to up the urgency.

After finally getting seated, and eating some Gooey, Chewy Mozzarella Sticks, I finally excuse myself and head back to the bathroom.

I did notice that I waited until some dude had gone and peed before I made my way to the john. :(

I head in the Men’s Room

There are only 2 urinals. I am nervous, but happily, I am the only one in there.
Cool beans!

I stand at the urinal and try to relax.

I can hear voices outside and the thump of the country band. They’re good!

After about 30 seconds, I begin to pee!

And I peed a lot!

I stood there peeing, and peeing, and was very surprised that no one else came in… And, as I was getting to the end of my piss, the door opens and some guy comes in.

My stream froze up as he moved behind me. He went into the one and only stall next to my feet. I could hear him fumbling with his pants as he sat down quick.

I grimaced and resumed peeing!

I peed for another 15 seconds, and then finally emptied my bladder.

I was happy, and very quickly washed up and left for I didn’t want to stick around for the fireworks.

I’m outta there!

So I peed once, we ate and then left. I didn’t have the urge to go again.

Which is no biggie since I practically live across the street.

I’m happy that I’m able to pee in a busy bar like this. And even though I hesitated and broke stream, I was still able to resume and finish the deed.

What more can I expect after 40 years of Paruresis?

Know what I mean?

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