New Years 2014 Goals

I’ll be brief with this post, I have a habit of rambling.

Now that 2013 is ending (Goodbye Paruresis), and I’ve made tons of progress so far, I’m going to push my limits.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and into very scary territory.

But, if I’m to get to the point where I can pee in a crowded bathroom with guys waiting behind me, then I’ll need to face my fears and tackle this bitch head on.

As I stated in a previous post, my goals for 2014 are simple…

New Years 2014 Goals

To Recover from Paruresis!

To do this, I plan on taking some very huge steps

  1. I’ll Load up on Coffee and Water
  2. I’ll NOT Pee 1 Hour before I leave the house
  3. I’ll visit 1 Public Bathroom a week (like at a mall)
  4. I’ll Practice Breath Hold at that visit
  5. I’ll have to Fully Empty my Bladder with other guys around

That last step is important because I have a habit of waiting until the bathroom is cleared out before I pee.

I’ll also visit at least 2 other public bathrooms that week to desensitize, but peeing in those bathrooms is optional (I’m only fluid loading for one of them… at least to start).

We’ll see how that goes! That will show me if I’m ready to push it further, or if I need more work.

I know I’m scared, but I’m taking it slowly and progressing at my own speed.

After all, I’ve had this condition my whole life, and I have some huge obstacles to overcome.

But one thing’s clear:

Paruresis will be a thing of the Past!

My Past!

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