A Month to Master Breath Hold?

I’ve been practicing Breath Hold in my at-home desensitization for 10 days now (and this is day 34 in my Pee Shy Recovery).

10 days and some days Breath Hold seems to be working, other days, like Yesterday, not so much (does being stuffed with Turkey Dinner make it harder to hold your breath? lol).

A Month to Master Breath Hold

Yesterday, no matter how many times I tried to hold my breath, it just wasn’t long enough.

Granted, my Pee Buddy Mike was there on all attempts, so that does add more pressure to piss!

Plus, many times when he is present, I don’t want to try Breath Hold because all it seems to do is to prevent me from peeing for an extra minute or so. Once I stop holding my breath, I can then pee. Odd!

Is it because I’m thinking more about holding my breath, and less about the task of urination?

These things drive me crazy!

I just need to keep practicing is all… Especially since it takes so long to perfect.

Everyone that I’ve spoke with who has successfully accomplished the Breath Hold Technique has stated that it takes a good month or two of practice to master!

One Whole Month?


That’s a long time! (Then again, I am up against a lifetime of bad behaviors!)

But then I think to myself: WHY?

Why does it take so long to master?

After all, you are just holding your breath! Holding your breath is supposed to grab needed oxygen from your tense muscles, like your External Sphincter, which will then relax it’s grip and allow you to pee.

So if that’s all there is. If that’s all it takes is a lack of oxygen to make this happen, then why does it take a month to master?

Anyone can hold their breath!

You’d think that all you’d have to do is to hold your breath and voila, you’d be peeing!

But it’s not so simple is it? Obviously there’s more to it than just holding your breath. It must also include your MIND!

You see, I’m beginning to think that Breath Hold is not only holding your breath, but that it’s also retraining your brain, like Cognitive Thinking! (doing an action over and over again until it becomes second nature and links to a certain action like peeing! i.e. Associating snapping a rubber band on your wrist while you’re peeing will eventually link the two together!)

You MUST Retrain your Brain!

That way, when you’re heading to the bathroom, you can hold your breath. That alone will start to tell your brain that it’s okay to pee. It releases a signal to your bladder and ZAP you’re peeing!

It kind of makes sense. You’re just reconnecting fragments in your brain saying “When I do this – You do that!

Because otherwise, anybody who holds their breath long enough would pee their pants. That doesn’t make much sense. You have to want and need to pee and focus on that…

You see where I’m coming from?

You CAN hold your breath, but you also have to retrain your thoughts and feelings (which is why it takes a good month or two of continuous practice). Then your bladder will loosen and you will PEE!

Mind over Matter!

Or, like I’ve said before Mind over Bladder!

I really do feel like it’s a combo of these two things.

One more trick…

I’ve also on many occasions been trying something different. I’ve not only been holding my breath during attempts in the bathroom, but I’m been trying to concentrate on my pelvic area (the groin), and constricting it (tightening and pushing down) which does put me on the verge of peeing. That is not easy to do. That takes practice!

The last time I attempted Breath Hold was 18 months ago. At that time I was also to the point where I could constrict my groin and feel the pelvic floor drop. But, of course, with mixed results.

Is this the trick I need to master?


All I can do is try.

Keep practicing.

Keep retraining my brain and bladder and see where it gets me.

Let’s hope it gets me to a urinal and SUCCESS!

20 days and counting…

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