Gradual Exposure Therapy Day Ten

I find that my progress is pretty much the same. I pee with Mike (my Pee Buddy) in the bathroom next to me (facing me from behind).

Most of the times I can start a stream within a minute or two.

Sometimes it takes me 4 minutes. It varies back and forth. Average time going is about 2.5 minutes.

I really can’t complain about that!

I leave for Hawaii in the morning, so this is the last day that I’ll be posting updates until I get back (see you on the flip side).

I’m sure I’ll be writing about my bathroom experiences no doubt, just not posting them (yet).

It makes me a little nervous writing about them since I write long-hand in a notebook before I type them into my computer. I wonder if my other friends (who don’t know I’m Pee Shy) will find the notebook by accident. “Hey, what’s this? Richard’s writing something…

I can see that happening. Not that anyone is nosey or anything, but when you’re curious, drunk and on vacation, you tend to check things out.

Let’s hope for the best!

First things first… I have to deal with the Airport and Airplane

Gradual Exposure Therapy Day Ten

Those are my favorites! Fun stuff! Yee-haw!

I’m not so worried as I usually am though. Normally I’d be climbing the walls just thinking about how I’ll survive… But right now, I’m calm and pretty content. I feel like I WILL be able to pee in a stall or in a locked bathroom with no problems. Seems like exposure therapy is definitely doing something with my brain. :)

We’ll see…

If I think I can handle the bathrooms with no issues, will my brain make it so?

Mind over Matter?

Or in this case; Mind over Bladder?

I don’t know what to expect, but it will be here soon. Very soon.

Here’s to a safe trip and a fun vacation.

I think come morning time I’ll skip my normal ten cups of coffee… don’t you think?

Seems wise to me! :)

I don’t need to apply any more pressure than necessary.

After all, I am a Paruretic, and there is a 12 hour traveling day ahead of me. Only time will tell…

The thing I’ll be more curious than ever to find out, is what progress I’ll keep or lose once my vacation is over?

When I get home will I still be able to pee in the bathroom with Mike watching behind me?

Or will I be locked behind closed doors?

To Pee, or not to Pee…

That is the Question!

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