We have to run some errands today, so before I go, I Fluid Load!

I Fluid Load a LOT!

I drank 2 bottles of water, and another bottle on the way.

We get to Menards 20 minutes later.

I head straight for the bathroom. And as I’m going in, some other guy is coming out. He looks at me, I look away… (I hate it when I do that, it’s such a shameful thing to do).

I go in, the bathroom is now empty.

I go to the first urinal and see that the bottom of the urinal is filled with piss and water. The drain is plugged. Not cool! The urinal cake was floating and it looked like liquid was leaking out over the floor.

Urinal Overflowing

I move over to urinal #3 instead! (next to the stalls)

I hold my breath slightly as I read the latest ads on the wall. HEY, Rootbeer is on sale! :)


I start to pee, and pee, and pee…

And all the while I prepare myself for someone walking in…

I say to myself “Who cares if they come in. I’m peeing! I’m not going to let it bother me. I’m just a man peeing in a urinal like everyone else. No big deal…”

I’m still peeing…

I then hear a shuffle and some guy comes around the corner. He steps up to urinal #1 (good luck with that buddy)!

I keep on peeing!

Some other guy comes in, walks behind me, and goes into the last stall (I think there are 2).

I keep on peeing and finally finish.

That felt great!

I wash and leave.

I know I’ll have to pee again in like 10 minutes or so (I always do), but we’re shopping here and then going to Sam’s Club after, so I’ll hold it until we get there.

And, just like planned, within a half hour we’re at Sams.

I head towards the men’s room!

As I’m walking down the hall leading to the bathroom, I see another guy in front of me, probably about ten feet, going in as well.

I don’t slow, I don’t hesitate, I say to myself “I need to do this, I need the practice, I have to pee with other guys around…”, so I follow him in.

He goes up to urinal 3 (3 of 3), and I went to the first urinal (in the corner). He starts to pee like it was going out of style. He peed loud and fast.

I didn’t!

I had to breath hold for about 30 seconds before it began. He was already at the sink by the time I started.

And this time, my urine was coming out slow…

Someone else, who was in one of the stalls, flushed. I could hear them pulling up their pants.

My stream finally picked up steam and got going at a good pace.

The stall guy came out and washed.

I peed for a good minute until I was finally finished!

Then I washed and left.

2 Big Successes!!!! How cool is that?

We shopped, grabbed some samples (Dino-Nuggets), and during check out, Mike asked me if I needed to use the bathroom again?

I hadn’t planned on it… But I did have a slight urge… Not grand, but I could probably still go…

So I decided to try!

I made my way back to the bathroom once more.

I see all 3 urinals are empty (I have no idea about the stalls).

I do a slight breath hold, and in about 15 seconds, I start to pee.


Some guy comes in and goes to urinal #3. My stream weakened slightly, but didn’t stop. It keep puttering along (to my amazement).

Another guy comes in and goes into the first stall. He peed really loud and really fast (I always find it odd to hear guys peeing in stalls now, but there is a guy code to adhere to… And I used to pee in the stalls for 40 years or so myself…!)

All in all, I peed 3 times today. All 3 a great success!

And I owe it all to my continuing practice of Breath Hold and Fluid Loading!

It works!

See, that’s 3 Pees… Okay?

C3PO…K! :)

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