Paruresis Recovery Day 165

Tonight we decide to venture down to the local bar. And of course, I decide to Fluid Load.

I guzzled two bottles of water, on top of the coffee I just drank, and within 1/2 hour, I’m ready to pee.

So we leave the house and get to the bar 2 minutes later.

First things first…

I head straight into the john…

Now, if you remember from This Post Here, this bathroom is very small.

I was nervous about that bathroom because I knew it was so small (no breathing room). But still I Fluid Load to force myself past my fears and to force myself into that bathroom to urinate.

So in I go!

The bathroom is empty (yeah)! I move up to the one and only urinal and slightly hold my breath while pushing gently down.

Paruresis Recovery Day 165

I start to pee in about 20 seconds!

I stood there for a lonnnnng time peeing. But even though the bar was busy, not a single soul came in.

I Peed in Peace!

So then we eat, I drank another bottle of Root Beer, and 1 1/2 hrs later, I need to pee one last time.

I knew I could have waited the 2 minutes to get home to pee, but what fun would that be?

I head back into the john…

It’s empty again!

I stand at the urinal and this time I start to pee within 10 seconds.

I am nervous about having someone enter, since I’m pretty much facing the door and then they too, would also be facing me when they came in. But it didn’t happen! I was there alone the entire time, AGAIN!

What are the odds?

I peed, emptied my bladder, and left with a smile on my face.

This is how is should be!

I’ve now peed 4 times successfully in that little bar bathroom. I’m sure with repeated exposure, it will just get easier and easier.

But, who’s to say what would have happened if the door would have banged open and 2 guys would have came in…

Especially with only 1 urinal and 1 stall… Awfully tight quarters! One of them would have had to stand there behind me, looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to finish…

I guess I’ll cross that bridge when it happens.

For now, it’s 2 more successes!

I peed in public with no problems tonight.

I really could get used to this. :)

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