Peeing with the Elephants

Tonight, we decide to eat at the Elephant Bar, which is a cool restaurant located at the mall.

I had already drank a cup of coffee, and so I top it off with a bottle of water.

I tell Mike “I’ll probably be ready to leave in like 20 minutes!

No problem!

I then also drank a can of pop (soda, whatever you call it), and I picked up another bottle of water (16oz) to sip until we leave. I wanted NO CHANCE OF FAILURE!

20 minutes go by…

Then 30.

I’m still waiting for all these liquids to bring on an urge to pee

I certainly don’t want to leave the house without one, because I don’t want my brain to squash those “Must Pee” thoughts and lock my bladder down.

45 minutes go by. Then an hour!

Finally I can feel an urge begin. That took a while…

You’d think I’d be busting at the seams, but some days I could go a long time without peeing, and others, I’m peeing every 20 minutes. Go figure!

70 minutes after I started fluid loading, we head out the door.

We get to the restaurant and mall 15 minutes later.

Peeing with the Elephants

We go in, get seated, and I glance back towards the bathrooms “I’m going pee” I say. I also tell Mike to order me a Root Beer.

I head to the back and walk up that curvy little ramp they have. The men’s room is on the left.

I push the door open!

The bathroom is empty.

And of course, there’s only 1 urinal.


I step up that lonely urinal, unzip and wait…

And while I’m relaxing, I hold my breath. Not really a full blown out Breath Hold, I’m just taking in deep breaths, holding it for 15-20 seconds, then exhaling slowly. Just relaxing and slowing my heart beat, body and mind…

And then I begin to pee!

I peed for a couple of minutes, and I was actually surprised that no one entered during that time.

I thought for sure it would happen. BUT NOPE!

Then after we finish eating an hour later, I decide to pee one more time.

I walk up to the ramp to the restrooms and go in.

It’s empty again!

I go up to the urinal (much more confident than before) and within 20 seconds I’m peeing pretty fast.


I peed, washed and left!

It’s weird how many public places have only 1 urinal. It’s kind of crazy to think about. I always imagined 3, 4, 5 urinals, but most are just 1, maybe 2. Only large venues have more.

See how much I know?

So the night was a success. I peed twice at the Elephant Bar and could have stayed out all night. Normally I’d be racing back home with a huge desire to pee… But now, I’m good. I’m empty and refreshed. I even asked Mike if he wanted to walk through the mall… Things I would have NEVER done before recovery.

Right now, my freedom feels great.

I’m loving it!

It really is like a whole new world! :)

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