Peeing at Walmart

So today, since we’re heading out to Walmart, I figure it’s the perfect opportunity to Fluid Load while we’re out.

I start drinking water. I guzzle 1 bottle in about 5 minutes. And then about 1/2 hour later, I guzzle another 16 oz. bottle of water.

The only thing that I dislike about drinking so much water is that it makes me feel like a fish. I’m bloated, swimming, and sloshing around in liquids. It makes me feel quite full!

But hey, it makes the urge to pee great, and that urge overpowers the timid, scared feeling that Paruresis brings. So it’s all good! :)

By the time we leave the house…

I already have to Pee!

We get to Walmart, I tell Mike “I’m going to the bathroom” and he says he needs to go too.

So we head towards the john. He walks in front of me and as we walk in some dude is walking out and just about runs into us. “Watch where you’re going!

Walmart has 3 urinals with dividers directly opposite the sinks… and all 3 urinals are empty.

Peeing at Walmart

Mike looks at me and says “Which one do you want?” (not knowing what my desensitization requires). I nod at the first one. He takes the last.

Within a couple of seconds, I can hear him peeing already.

I’m holding my breath and putting slight pressure on my bladder by pushing down… it works quickly.

10 seconds later I’m Peeing as well!

Mike finishes and moves to the sink. I can see him in my peripheral vision, he’s a couple feet off to the side…

I keep on Peeing!

He leaves and I’m still peeing. lol

In fact, I must have peed for a good 2 minutes, and all the time, not one other guy came in.

Which surprises me!

I could hear lots of noise in there since there are no bathroom doors (just open entrances). You can hear the cashiers ringing people up. You can hear talking in the ladies room. Toilets flushing. Sinks, Dryers…

And all the time I peed until my bladder was totally empty.


After shopping for 1/2 hour, we check out and I tell Mike “I’m going to pee once more!

(After all, I had 32 oz. of water to dump!)

I head into the Bathroom!

There’s a big black guy at the sink (looks like the Incredible Hulk). He looks at me as I come in. I glance at him and shift my focus to the urinals. They are empty again. I step up to the first one which is just feet beside him.

I hold my breath as he washes his hands.

20 Seconds later, I finally begin to pee.

Another guy comes in as the Hulk leaves!

This guy goes up to the third urinal. He starts to pee quickly and I just keep on peeing without skipping a beat.

Finally I finish and move away.

It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to pee in public. To be able to pee in urinals with other guys behind me, coming and going, is beyond all comprehension.

I love it!

Now, if there was a way to do this 100% of the time, without Fluid Loading, then that would be a miracle! :)

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