Don’t think about the Bathrooms!

This trick works, right?

When you feel the urge to pee, try to think about something else.

Distract the brain!

What ever you do, don’t think about the bathrooms and you won’t have to pee.

Mind Over Matter!

Thinking about the Toilets, the Urinals, Relieving yourself, Peeing… only does one thing: It makes you WANT to pee more!

You have to NOT think about urinating and try to focus your mind on something else. Because if you can change your thoughts, the feeling will pass.

It’s true!

Eventually, the desire will fade, as long as you don’t think about it.

Don’t think about the Toilets Flushing, or the Sound of Running Water. Don’t think about your Screaming Bladder or the Consistent Nagging Urge…

Don't Think About The Bathrooms

Concentrate on the conversation you’re having instead. The People you’re with. The Company, the Music, the Food, the Surroundings, everything but THAT!

Because thinking about that makes everything worse. You have to Focus Focus Focus.

Say to yourself “I do not need to go! I’m fine. I can sit here all night if I have to.” I can even drink more, because I’m keeping my brain occupied and not thinking about the bathrooms!

It’s all a trick we play.

But many times it DOES work!

I’ve been there. I’ve been trapped on a plane before dying to go, and somehow, by steering my brain away from the disaster happening below, my bladder calms down. It holds it peace for another couple of hours until I finally can go.

The mind is a pretty amazing tool

After all, it is your mind that’s keeping you from peeing in the first place. A little side step can fool it. Think about the Weather (Let’s hope it isn’t Raining) instead, the Weekend, the Vacation coming up… Distract the Brain!

It’s like a Jedi Mind Trick “These are not the bathrooms you’re looking for!

So think about something else. The Sunset. The Funny Joke. The Band Playing… “We should do this again next week!” :)

As long as you don’t think about peeing!

There are no screaming bladders here!

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