Bathroom Stalls Feel Weird!

So tonight, we’re going out to eat at a steakhouse. We’re meeting some friends there, and before I leave the house I fluid load with one and a half bottles of water.

It’s Friday, there’s a full moon out, and the place is very, very busy.

We sit down, and even though I knew I could already pee, I decide to make the urge stronger, so I start drinking MORE water.

About a half an hour later I decide I’m ready. I walk in the bathroom, there’s one guy at the sink, and another guy at the last of the three urinals. That means I’ll have to grab the first urinal, which is also one of those little kiddy urinals. :(

I unzip, hold my breath, and wait!

A guy comes out of the stall behind me. The guy at urinal number three leaves, another guy takes his spot.

The door keeps opening and closing (leaving all of us highly visible to anybody walking by), someone else goes in one of the 3 stalls.

There are now two guys at the sink. I’m having a hard time, which sucks because I really have to pee.

More commotion behind me!

Another guy goes in the first stall. I was hoping that the place would clear out so I could pee in peace, or even better, move over to the corner urinal (number three)… BUT NOPE!!!

The door opens again. Guys are everywhere.

And as I casually glance over to the sink, who do I see? An acquaintance of mine!


I don’t know if he saw me, but I’m hoping he didn’t because I don’t want to have one of those types of conversations in here… Especially while I’m trying to pee. I turn my head so he doesn’t see me… Even though he’s just feet away. He’s fixing his tie in the mirror. Another guy comes over to the dryer just a foot from me and starts drying his hands (which pretty much blocks his view now).

The guy that I know is still there, although he did take a couple of steps back. Now he’s tucking in his shirt. I could see all this in my peripheral vision.

I’m still not peeing. It’s seems so obvious that I’m not. I’m very nervous. I decide to end my session for I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed…

I zip, flush, and turn towards the sink… and the guy that I know is also turning and heading out the door at the same time. SIGH! But, even with him gone, I still feel like all eyes are on me. Like they knew that I failed!

I wash and leave feeling very ashamed and awkward!

I sit back down. We eat salads, and I make sure I drink much more wine and water.

A half an hour later, I try to pee again.

This time, I really need to go bad!

But, as I’m walking towards the bathroom, another guy enters right in front of me. I dislike that. Because the odds are now good that he’ll take the last urinal in the corner, the safe one that I want.

I frown as I head in, because I see he isn’t at urinal number three, surprise surprise, he’s at the second one. WTF???

Seriously dude, you had to be a prick and take the center urinal???

Why would any guy do this?

I have no idea! What a jerk! The other two urinals are empty, there’s no excuse!

So I pause for a second. It would feel really awkward for me to go over and grab a urinal next to him (maybe that’s why he grabbed the center one, he didn’t want to pee next to anyone).

So, I did what most guys would probably do in this situation, I went into the stall.

I go in quietly, I shut the door… but of course the door doesn’t shut or lock properly, so I have to grab the door, tug on it, and try to push the latch down so it fits. Which does nothing but makes tons and tons of horrible loud noise. Ugh!!!

The good thing is, I go up to the toilet and start to pee in 15 seconds flat! Sweet!

Bathroom Stalls Feel Weird!

I will say, it felt very weird peeing in a stall. I very rarely ever go in them any more. I clearly remember not so long ago that I couldn’t even pee using a bathroom stall, even if I was alone in the bathroom. But not tonight, I peed (finally), and peed, and it felt great.

After that, I sat back down and enjoyed dinner!

And then, right before I leave, I head back in the bathroom one last time.

I didn’t have a high urge to pee, but I knew I could, and more importantly, that I should.

I go in. The men’s room was empty!!! I walk up to urinal #3, and in no time, I’m peeing quickly.

That I was very happy with!

So all in all, I had 1 miss-fire, 1 successful stall pee, and 1 urinal pee. Not too bad, not too bad at all.

The bottom line is this: I didn’t give up! I Kept trying no matter what. Because I know eventually I WILL (and so will YOU) succeed!

I peed twice in public, and came home with an empty bladder.

I could have failed miserably, crawled back in my shell, and never made another attempt… But that would be the old me. The new me knows that persistence pays off.

And it did!

And that is a huge success in my book. :)

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