Girl Scouts and ME

I was in the Boy Scouts when I was a kid. I liked the Boy Scouts, we did a lot of fun things, I learned a lot.

But, I have a secret to tell:

I was also in the Girl Scouts!

Granted, I wasn’t actually a Girl Scout, but I had to go to Girl Scouts because my Mom was a Girl Scout Leader.

My Mom, and her best friend were both Girl Scout leaders. Her best friend had 3 Daughters, and I have one Sister. All 4 girls were best friends!

So all through my childhood it was those 4 girls, my Mom, her Best Friend, and ME!

I had to tag along.

I didn’t have a choice.

I was too young to be by myself, and Dad worked day shift, so I was the lucky boy, the ONLY boy who had to go to Girl Scouts.


Hated being around all those girls. They had cooties! lol

My Sister and her friends always made fun of me. I got picked on because I was younger and a nerd.

I even looked like a nerd because of the clothes Mom would buy for us (Garage Sale Junk)… GOD AWFUL TURTLENECKS!

I was super skinny and had large buck teeth. And, as my Sister would say “Huge Dumbo Ears!

I can still hear them laughing now.

So of course, when I got in trouble, or the girls would purposefully get me in trouble “He’s hitting me!“, I would get yelled at and spanked (back when spankings was a normal thing) in front of all the troop (laughing their heads off).

I was constantly humiliated!

I never felt like a man. Always felt like the punch line of a joke.

Boy Scouts was cool. I felt like I fit in. We made fire, collected rocks, won awards, went hiking, canoeing… Boy stuff.

But in Girl Scouts, they sang, cooked, made crafty dumb things with string and paint. BLAH!

I really disliked Girl Scouts (except for the Cookies).

Girl Scouts And ME

The only time that I was finally free from all of this mess was when my Mom left us and got a divorce. I no longer had to do girl things.


I also never went to Boy Scouts again either (BOO). I was 13 and now had to do all the chores, house cleaning (no girly stuff eh?), as well as tend to all the farm and animals. I had to do it all.

I sometimes think my current social condition was caused by all those taunting little girls.

I was never good enough, tall enough, old enough… I was always the puny runt who got picked on and scolded.

The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are a thing of the past. But somethings linger on… There’s only so much you can take before it sinks in and affects your whole life.

Is this what started my Paruresis?

I may never know!

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