Hurry, I Gotta Pee!

I’m working on a post today, and Mike (My Pee Buddy) says to me “I have 5 errands to run today, do you want to go?

I Ask Where?

“Costco, Barnes & Noble, the Vitamin Shop, the Dollar Store and the General Store”

Oh, when?

“In about an hour or so. If you want to go, you should drink lots of water!

Good Advice!

I did just that!

By the time we went out the door, 1 1/2 hours later, I could already tell I had to Pee. I hadn’t gone in a while as it was, and I had also guzzled a bottle of water. So I was raring to go!

Hurry, I Gotta Pee!

I took another bottle of water with me to drink during stores.

My goal was to Pee today, as many times as I could, in as many bathrooms as I could.

Sounds like fun eh?

We go to the General Store first. As soon as I get there, I had to Pee! (The Cold Weather always increases the urge)

So I walk the length of the Store to the Bathroom.

I push on the Men’s Room Door and head in!

This Bathroom has 2 Urinals and 2 Stalls. And as I enter, I see a young guy half-leaning, half-sitting on the sink, goofing with some sort of plastic package. He has a store bag, so I’m assuming it’s something he just bought.

He looks up at me as I walk in. I exhale most of the air in my lungs and hold my breath.

I step up to the 2nd Urinal. He’s directly behind me and facing in my direction.

I look down and concentrate on Peeing. He’s making noises with the package. I can almost feel the quiet tension in the air. All we can hear is the rustling of his plastic. He’s got to see and hear that I’m NOT Peeing!

20 Seconds go by…


Sometimes it feels like it takes FOREVER to get there…

45 Seconds in, I hear him stuff the crap back in the bag and he walks out the door.

And as soon as he leaves, I start to Pee!

I Pee and I Pee and I Pee…

I must have Peed for a good 2 full minutes. It just wouldn’t stop coming out. It was such a relief.

I was still Peeing when the door opened again, and some guy comes in and steps up right next to me at Urinal #1.

I Peed for a little bit more and finally emptied my Bladder. The guy next to me starts to Pee. And as I move away I see that he’s leaning forward, over the Urinal, leaning so far that his head is literally resting on the wall in front of him. It looked so weird! I almost laughed out loud.

It looked like he was drunk and needed support to stand. HA!

So after we finish picking up the few items Mike needed, we head to the Vitamin Shop.

He only needed to run in and grab some more Protein Shake Mix (they had a NEW Flavor), and so I stayed out in the car and drank my second bottle of water.

After that, we head to Barnes & Noble!

We look for a couple of books he wants, and while I’m there, I grab myself a LARGE White Mocha Coffee!

Pssst… Here’s the TRICK to Fluid Loading: You have to drink lots of Fluids! ;)

And after I drank about 1/4 cup, I needed to Pee once more.

So I walk the store through the kid’s books, to the bathrooms in the back.

I head in!

I’m the only one in there. This bathroom has only 1 Urinal and 1 Stall (but it did have the weirdest, most oddest smell, like potent cleaner, medicine, or something, it was odd in a bad way)

I look at the 1 Low Urinal… my favorite combination. Sigh!

I step up to the Urinal, unzip, and hold my breath.

I’m nervous because there aren’t a lot of options left to Pee in.

After about 20 seconds, I begin to Pee!

And Pee, and Pee.

Half way through my Pissing, the door opens, and some guy comes walking in. I can hear the ruffling of his Winter Jacket. He’s coming up behind me.

And as he gets close, my Urine Flow cuts off.

The guy keeps going, and heads into the Stall. He goofs with the lock for a bit, and then steps up to the Toilet to Pee.

And as soon as he started Peeing, I began to Pee again. I Peed, and Peed, and finally finished.

I felt wonderful!

So after drinking the rest of my coffee (man it was good), we head to the Dollar Store. Mike wants some Laminate Sheets and some other odd ball things.

We weren’t there long. 5 Minutes tops.

So now, we’re back in the car and heading towards Costco. But by then, it’s pushing rush hour and the streets are busy. Stop and Go Traffic all along the way.

The lights were long as well. Sometimes it took minutes, and 2 or 3 times just to get through. Fun stuff!

And all the while, my bladder starts talking to me. I needed to Pee again!

(You think it had something to do with all the liquids?)

Time’s ticking slowly by. Cars are stopped. There must be an accident up ahead. They’re merging into one slow lane.


Always when I have to Pee!

I try to ignore it. But it’s getting stronger and stronger.

The light is Red. We still have 5 more lights to go. I start shifting in my seat. I feel like I’m sweating. My bladder is really knocking loudly now. We move a couple of more cars ahead. “Come ON” I say. Mike looks at me and laughs.

I’m sitting on my hands. My ankles are crossed. I’m looking out the window trying to distract my brain. We get through 2 more lights. I really, really have to go…

Now, I’m kind of bouncing in my seat. This is crazy uncomfortable.

“Hurry Up!” I say “I gotta Pee!”

Mike laughs some more. There’s nothing he can do.

Finally we get to Costco and pull in. We park. I get out in the cold once more. That’s agony! I didn’t know for sure if I could make it or not. HA!

We go in and I head straight back for the Bathrooms.

I enter and see that all 3 Urinals are Empty! I hoist myself up to the first one, unzip and wait.

It didn’t take long. Within 10 seconds I was Peeing (and I didn’t even have to use Breath Hold).

As I’m Peeing, some dude with his kid comes in. He goes to the 3rd Urinal, while the kid lingers back by the sinks.

I Pee and Pee and didn’t think it would ever end!

After a good 2 minutes, I finish, wash and leave!

It feels so good to be able to Pee in a Public Restroom. So Relaxing, Peaceful and Joyous!

And by the time we finish shopping, I have to Pee once more.

I go back to the Bathroom, stand at the Urinal and within 15 seconds I start to Pee!

Another guy comes in, goes to Urinal #3 and Pees.

I empty my bladder, wash up and leave.

That’s 4 Bathrooms and 4 Successful Pees!

Who would have ever known I could do this? I would have said you were plumb crazy 4 months ago.

But now look at me…

I’m Peeing like a Man!

Scratch that…

I AM A MAN! :)

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