Day 19 with my Pee Buddy

I had some interesting success stories today…

Other than peeing with my Pee Buddy Mike all day, I actually peed under a couple of unique situations.

These situations were at home, but none the less different than most practice pee scenarios.

It’s 11 a.m. I’ve been up for hours and have had 2 cups of coffee. I really needed to pee, but Mike was on the phone with Kay.

I walk into the room as he’s chatting and mimic the move “I have to pee” (which is grabbing my junk and clanking my knees together).

I Have To Pee

He points to the phone, shrugs and mouths:


I wait a bit longer to see if he’s wrapping things up. If I could I’d rather pee with my Pee Buddy around.

But it doesn’t look like he’s going to be done anytime soon.

So I go back into the room and wiggle my index at him saying “Come“.

He follows me as I head to the bathroom.

Since I don’t think it’s proper for Kay to over hear my pee on the phone, nor having to have Mike explain to her why he’s in the bathroom with me… I point outside the door for him to stand.

The funny thing is, I still kept the bathroom door wide open. And from the angle that I’m standing, I can clearly see Mike standing there, and he can clearly see me. It all works fine.

So he’s talking and moving around a little. He’s not focused on me, just on being there. This is good, because if he were to look in, he’d be looking directly at me face on. Ain’t no hiding that!

So I stand there and it doesn’t take me long to pee.

In 20 Seconds I’m peeing!

Mike is listening to Kay (and me I presume). He paces a little. I see him move in and out of the gap in the door the whole time I peed. It didn’t bother me in the least. Now if he were facing me and staring, I probably would have had a more difficult time. But he was close and I could see him moving around and I peed! Success!

The second interesting experience just happened tonight.

I’m standing at the toilet peeing. Mike is directly behind me sitting on the sink. His legs are dangling off the counter and as he was shifting around in his seat while I peed, his leg bumped mine.


You’d think I’d stop peeing, but I didn’t. I kept going. It was no big deal.

And then, towards the end of my urination, he bumps me again (He’s a little fidgety or bored).

Again it doesn’t stop me. It doesn’t even slow me down. I just kept going and finished.

That’s cool!

So why does that not affect me, but burning onions and a wet magazine does?

I don’t know!

I wish I had the answer.

It really does seem hit or miss!

I’m 19 days into recovery and home desensitization, and sooner or later it will be time for me to begin field work, actually peeing in public bathrooms.

That will be interesting. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to talk about then.

Could I be bumped while standing at the urinals? Probably!

Will I still keep peeing?

Who knows!

At least I won’t have to worry about a magazine falling into the toilet…

Just hang onto your phone real good! :)

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