Paruresis Affirmations

Affirmations are things you tell yourself to keep yourself thinking positive and to retain your mind into achieving your goals the right way.

Like for instance, my goal is to pee in a public restroom, at a urinal, with other men around.

So what I have to do is to spoon-feed my mind affirmative thoughts and not negative ones (I’m so guilty of this).

I have to stay away from choice words like “Can’t” “Not” “Don’t” “Won’t” “Maybe” “Try“…

Instead, I need to constantly tell myself positive words like “Will” “Am” “Do” “Yes” “Accomplish” “Obtain” “Can” “Succeed”…

Paruresis Affirmations

Which means instead of saying something like “I’ll try to pee in a stall tomorrow?” I’ll say “I WILL pee in a stall tomorrow!

That creates an entirely different image

Instead of saying “I’ll never be able to pee at a urinal” say “I will pee at a urinal“.

It changes the way your mind interprets it.

Instead of “I always lock up when someone else enters the bathroom” you think “I will keep peeing when someone enters the bathroom“.

Leave all doubts and negatives out of your vocabulary!

Feed yourself only positive influences that will sway the mind into seeing it (Visualizing it) and believing it!

When you can positively see it in your mind, it will happen!

And you have to watch how you word things as well. You may think you’re being positive, but you aren’t.

If you say “I always lock up when someone uses the urinal next to me”, you can’t just say “I’ll never lock up when someone uses the urinal next to me”, because that’s still negative. “Never” is a negative word and sends negative images. When you think negative, you’ve already failed. You won’t be able to do it.

You have to think something like this instead “I will continue to pee when someone else uses the urinal next to me“.

Think it, See it, Do it!

Affirmations work wonders!

It’s not easy to recode your brain, but you CAN do it effectively.

Stand at the mirror and look yourself in the eye. Think positive thoughts and verbalize them. Repeat them over and over again day in and day out…

“I will go to the bathroom as soon as the urge hits me”

“I will be calm and cool and continue to pee when someone is waiting”

“I will relax as I urinate to feel how good it feels. It’s natural. Everybody does it!

What you tell yourself and what you visualize becomes reality.

So get rid of NO’S, CAN’TS and WON’TS, and replace them with affirmative words that give your soul an uplifting experience.

It can and will change your life!

“I will pee until my bladder is empty!”

“I will pee without pause until the last drop is out!”

Because the first time you say “I think I can” or “I’ll try” or “Maybe”… you’ve already lost.

“I will do this!” “I will pee” “I will feel ecstatic and have a smile on my face as I exit the restroom!”

See how different it sounds? Feed your mind good thoughts. Good behavior will follow!

It’s something that we all need to commit to. We all need to remain positive, up beat, and to see the world through Affirmative Eyes!

You’ll be amazed at what you will see. You will see yourself at a urinal peeing in a crowded bathroom….

And it will happen!

And that my friends, will be a happy, happy day! :)

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