Peeing at Krogers

We go out to eat for lunch yesterday at my favorite restaurant.

I didn’t Fluid Load before hand, just went like normal. I had a root beer and a salad and that was it. Lunch was quick and we were still headed to the grocery store.

Now, I didn’t have to pee at the restaurant, but over the next 15 minute drive to Krogers, I could actually feel the urge to pee begin.

I tell Mike that I needed to pee. He says to me “Do you want me to stop home first?“, considering the fact that Krogers is basically across the street from where we live.

I say “No, I’ll pee at Krogers”.

And so, as soon as we get there, I head towards the bathroom.

I go in.

I’m the only one there!

I step up to the one and only low urinal, unzip, and wait.

This bathroom is very small and very, very quiet.

Peeing at Krogers

I hold my breath and decide to pull my phone out to check my emails… that usually does the trick.

And sure enough…

I start to pee in 15 seconds!

And I Peed and I Peed, until finally I was finished.

And just as I was ending my stream, the door opens and a guy comes in.

He sees that there is only one urinal and one stall… he hesitates and moves around for a second behind me. I can hear his awkward shuffling as he was gauging if I was finished or not.

I was!

I shake, flush and move away. He quickly took my spot as I washed and left.

It all worked out perfect for me and I returned home with an empty bladder

AND, I didn’t have to Fluid Load or leave the house needing to piss either.

That’s a first!

And that I love!

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