The Ideal Public Bathroom

The Ideal Public Bathroom for me is simple: A single locked bathroom, preferably not in a busy area (cafeteria), where not a lot of people will see me enter or exit.

Sadly, these types of public bathrooms are rare and generally not the case.

So then what is a more Ideal Bathroom Situation?

One where there is less foot traffic of course. If the bathroom is virtually empty, except for the occasional pee’er, then I can can usually find a way to pee in between footfalls.

Sometimes it takes me a bit to get the stream going again, but as long as the bathroom is mostly just me, I can finish the deed.

It may take me a while, but I can get the job done.

Other things can greatly help the situation:


Music in the bathroom helps drown out the noise of my peeing. It helps drown out the noise of people walking by the bathroom. It helps quiet my over-alert mind and keeps me occupied with the words and the beat of the song (the focus is off my bladder).

The Farthest Stall

Usually the stall that I will take is the one farthest from the door. This is often the handicapped slot in the far corner. I don’t feel great in taking this stall, but it does offer the most privacy. I hope that the toilet is in the corner, versus right next to the stall wall where my feet will be more visible.

As of yet, I have never had a handicapped person come into the restroom to find me taking their spot. I would feel bad about that; making them wait.

Other Ideal Bathroom Situations

Full length stall doors. I hate bathrooms that have too much on the bottom showing (everyone can see my feet are facing the wrong direction… I must have a shy bladder).

And even worse, are the stall doors that are cut off at chest height (top part fully exposed).

Those types are quite often found in rest stop bathrooms to deter solicitation no doubt. But they are too easy to look into, gawk at me, and end up being a big fear of mine.

A Clean Bathroom

A Clean Bathroom is ideal as well. It helps relax you.

When you’re in a dirty john with soggy toilet paper on the floor, the toilet plugged, and the walls and stalls grimy, dirty, soiled and rusted or peeling, it almost makes it impossible to go.

Dirty Bathroom

All I want to do is leave and leave quickly (without touching anything)!

This Bathroom Smells Like…

Something else that helps a Paruretic… A bathroom that smells good.

The senses play a huge part in peeing, since we are such high alert.

Walking into a bathroom that smells like ass is horrible. And knowing that I have to stand in that stench for up to 5 minutes is not a walk in the park.

Even worse, is when I’m trying to pee and someone comes into the stall next to me and does a #2. When that starts, I usually leave. I can’t stand there and listen to that gross, loud, splashing sounds… No way!

A Paruresis Nightmare

Other things can prove to be quite a nightmare for me:

Having your friends wait for you outside the bathroom. Or even worse, when they come into the bathroom with you to pee, wait, or chat. Not cool!

Something else that terrifies me in the bathroom: Cleaners!

If someone is in the room with a bucket and mop and slopping water around, watching, listening, getting close to the stall doors, partitions and floors… I can’t go! Just the sound of the bucket rolling around on tile floors, the footsteps, the glance of “I know you’re pee shy“, is anxiety at its best!

I might as well pee my pants.

Ideally I wouldn’t have to go at all…

But then again, what fun would life be without peeing?

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