Drug Testing Pee Shy Scare

I used to work in this store that had a great bathroom for people with Paruresis.

It was a single user bathroom (although coed) that actually had 2 stalls in it. We labeled one stall for the Men, and the other stall for the Ladies.

There were no urinals, just toilets.

It locked securely. It was in the back of the store. And I never had to worry about being overheard, seen, or walked in on.

I worked there for ten years and loved it.

Only one time did I ever get a real scare…

And that was during Drug Test Day!

Granted, I don’t do drugs, never have, never will, but of course I wasn’t scared of the drugs, I was scared of the testing.

The owners had suspicions about some of the employees and wanted to weed them out. They decided to do a random drug test on everyone.

They called in the agency and some very intimidating uniformed officers showed up. Whether or not they were cops, friends of the owners or not, I don’t know, but they were making the employees go into the bathroom one at a time, and while a guard (a large intimidating man) stood close by, they had to submit a urine sample (urinalysis) for testing.

Pee In A Bottle

When I heard this, I just about crapped my pants. How can I pee in a bottle if I can’t pee in front of strangers?

Let alone one standing 2 feet from me watching me pee.

No way on earth would that ever happen. Never!

I was so nervous as they were taking some of the employees into the john. I could tell a few were apprehensive and some of them were in there a while. Not easy even to them!

One of the girls in the office could tell that I was nervous and watching the door. “There’s nothing to worry about” she said “unless you do drugs!

After about half the employees went in and submitted samples, the owners sent a bunch of us to lunch.

I was one of them to go. Fine by me. I needed some distance from that place just to calm my racing heart.

I almost didn’t go back!

I was that scared!

Petrified is more like it!

I asked one guy who did go in what it was like, and he said it was hard because the guard stands right next to you as you go. He laughed saying he had a tough time going under those circumstances. “He’s staring at my junk” he says.

I feel my world spin and the bottom drop out.

What am I going to do? What do I tell the guard is the reason that I can’t pee in a bottle? How can I just stand there and not go?

What will he say? Will he yell at me? Try to force me? Stand there as long as it takes?

What will he say to the owner? Will he really wait all day?

I wondered if there was any way to get out of this… This Embarrassment!

I felt like passing out. I can’t believe that they’re going to make me endure this humiliation, and then everyone in the whole store will know that Richard is Pee Shy. He’s not man enough to piss in a bottle. I’ll be a laughing joke!

After lunch (I didn’t eat), I go back.

I was probably pale as a ghost. I notice instantly that the cops were no longer there. I say nothing. I don’t bring it up. Not a word.

4 Hours go by. We end the day. We pack up the store and are getting ready to leave, and I decide to say something. I had to know if the drug testing was being finished tomorrow…

Since I’m on pretty good terms with the owners, I casually say “So what happened to the drug testing?

He shrugged “We only needed to test a few. We pretty much knew who was doing it and wanted confirmation. She admitted it to the guard and we let her go!”


It was over. No more testing! I nod to him and say “Have a good night“.

I had never in my life felt more relieved.

I got lucky that day because I certainly thought my shy bladder would be the talk of the store. That was a pretty big scare.

It makes me wonder how other Paruretics deal with such situations.

Have you been drug tested?

How long do you stand there frozen in terror?

Do you explain your condition to them? Are they understanding?

Is this common?

Let’s find out…

If you’ve ever experienced a drug test and peed or couldn’t pee, post your story in the comment section below.

I’d love to hear from you!

And I’m sure so would everyone else.

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3 Responses to Drug Testing Pee Shy Scare

  1. rose says:

    What is the legality of no pee? can one demand a blood test?

  2. (mat)Thew says:

    Im a 28 yr old male. I work somewhere that does blood work & drug screens. The drug screens are not supervised I just have to stand out in the hallway while the person goes into the bathroom. I am also super bladder shy and have had many supervised screens done on me. my problem is pretty much just when it comes to urinals in public bathrooms and of coarse having a supervised drug test. When I was 17 I was on probation and had to have random supervised urines. I did smoke pot when at the time but I quit the second I was put on probation. The first time my dad brought me to the probation office it must have taken me 1.5 hours to go. the P.O. brought me into the bathroom and stood about 3 feet sort of diagonally behind me and directly in front of me on the toilet lid was a mirror. I stood there for about 5 min my heart going 100mph, my body super tense and my d**k in my hand unable to pee. he then turned the water on to see if that would help. After a few more mins with no luck he told me to sit out in the waiting room and have some water until I wanted to try again. I sat and drank water until I felt like I was going to explode which was about an hour later. Again we went into the bathroom and I stood there for about 10 min til I finally went. little did I know at that time that drinking to much water could dilute the urine. Would have thought the P.O. could have told me that. I got a call a few days later and it was back to the probation officers to relive my nightmare without the help of a completely full bladder. I really felt like those supervised drug screens were my biggest punishment for my mistake though lucky for me in the 2 years on probation I was only tested maybe 3 times. years later I was told to do supervised drug tests for probate court. The place I went to had its pros and cons. I’ll start with the cons… okay so I don’t care what other peoples sexual preferences are if a persons respectful to me ill be respectful to them. But I did think it was a little weird that a gay male was aloud to supervise for my drug test. As far as I know its always a male supervises a male and a female supervises a female. but why can somebody supervise someone that they could possibly be attracted to. that might go right up there with the whole “where should transgender people go to the bathroom” debate. BUT anyways the cool thing about that office was.. after i was not able to go in front of this guy (who REALLY loves his job) i was sitting in the hall having some water he ends up asking if i usually have this problem. so after explaining that its been an ongoing issue he ended up asking if this would work. he asked “do you think if you went into the bathroom got the stream going and then called me in you’d be able to go”. So he let me try that and it went pretty good. the next time I went back I couldn’t go, it was a different guy so I told him what worked last time and he let me do it.
    on the other side of this when I do non-supervised drug screens on people it gets very hard to know who you want to believe. I’ve had it happen where a guy went into the bathroom started peeing in the toilet (i heard the stream) for a good amount of time then it stopped but he did not come out right away like most people do. it took him about 5 min then he came out and handed me the cup but it barely had anything in it. when i asked him why the cup was so empty he told me he had a shy bladder. I said I heard you peeing in the toilet right after you walked in. the amount of urine i heard go into the toilet would have def been sufficient. and of coarse there was no temp on the cup. so my conclusion was that he wanted it to sound like he was peeing while he put fake urine into the cup. the point is that there are a lot of people lying out there. any person having a drug test that is worried about failing or nervous because they are sneaking in either synthetic urine or someone they knows clean urine will say(if asked) that they are nervous because they have a shy bladder. I’ve had people hand me a cup while their hands are shaking uncontrollably. that could also go either way. so like I said its very hard to judge the situation.

  3. Robert Parrott says:

    I just lost my job because I couldn’t perform for a urinalysis. I’m trying to find out what to do :/

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