Musical Urinals

Me and 7 of my best friends are going to see a live show tomorrow. A musical that I’ve really wanted to see.

But, even though it’s not here yet, I’ve already been thinking about those bathrooms for a while.

Concerts, Theaters, Arenas, they are pretty much all the same to me. 10,000 people crammed together and peeing at the same time!

Musical Urinals

Just 6 weeks ago I was at this very same theater, and I swore that I was going to enter that bathroom (Read all about it here!).

But I couldn’t do it. I chickened out!

I’ve never stepped foot in that bathroom ever. My fear has paralyzed me and forbid me to do so.

But tomorrow, I’m making myself a promise. I’m going into that bathroom whether it kills me or not.

Even if I go in and don’t pee, I just need to do it. Get over my fear. See what it looks like inside. See how it feels. See how many urinals there are. How busy it is. If there are any dividers…

I need to squash my trepidation!

I Need To!

I Want To!

It’s been on my mind, and as the day grows closer, it’s all I can think about.

Plus, the other day…

My friend Kay invited us to go to an upcoming Concert in May.

The biggest problem for me is the fact that the arena is 2 hours away. Yeiks! That’s a lonnnng drive. (It’s just 17 Cities over…)

We would be out all night on the town. And Two Bands are playing, which means, it would probably be an 8 hour night.

That’s a really long time for a Paruretic to be away from home and a safe bathroom.

I haven’t said whether I’d go or not. I’m contemplating it

Nervous is more like it!

I hate how Paruresis STILL affects my decisions! Even with the use of Breath Hold…

So there’s some BIG events on the horizon. And one is tomorrow…

4 Guys, 4 Girls, and probably just one short intermission.

Sounds like a good time, eh?

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