Gradual Exposure Day 31

It’s Tuesday, November 26th 2013, and my goal for this week is already finished! YAAAAAAH!

I have already successfully entered 3 public bathrooms, and stood at 3 urinals for 3 whole minutes!

And that’s Amazing for me!

Because I am Mr. Never-Step-Foot-In-A-Public-Bathroom-Ever!

3 Minutes at a urinal can seem like a lifetime when other guys are coming in, peeing fast, and leaving, with you just standing there not doing anything.

It’s Agonizing!

Today, my 3rd visit to a urinal was at Sam’s Club.

Gradual Exposure Day 31

After me and my Pee Buddy Mike shop, we check out, and I tell him that I’m going into the bathroom for my 3 minutes of desensitization. He sits down on the bench to wait.

As I head towards the bathroom, an elder gentleman is in front of me entering the bathroom at the same time. Normally I would hesitate, stop, and not go in. But today, I force myself to keep on going.

I follow him in!

He goes to the urinals. There are 3. He takes the farthest one which is the kiddy one no doubt. I take the first one closest to the door.

He pees pretty fast. He also makes a couple of grunts and a soft-but-audible fart (like a dog fart). I turn my eyes to the left and act like I didn’t hear.

He finishes and goes to the sink.

A Father and Kid enters the Restroom!

The Father tells the Kid to wait when he’s done, he won’t be long.

The Kid comes up to the short urinal and pees while the Father makes his way (rather noisily) to the stalls. I hear him fumbling with the door and latch… And that’s about the time that some guy walks in and goes up to the center urinal right next to me.

It’s a Full House!

The old man is drying his hands. The Kid finishes and is now at the sink. And here I am with my dick in my hand just tying up the urinal for anyone else to use.


The guy next to me (who breathes heavily) finishes at the same time as the stall Father. They both head towards the sinks.

I glance at my Watch (I’m getting into the habit of checking the time as I enter). It’s been 4 Minutes now.

Mission Accomplished!

I zip up and turn towards the sinks. The toilet auto flushes behind me.

The dryers are going, I’m washing up, more guys enter…

It’s a Busy Bathroom!

I didn’t pee, didn’t have to pee, but I did desensitize! That’s the important thing.

I’m getting used to standing at public urinals for the first time in my life. It’s a very scary phobia of mine.

Doing so makes me feel weird, and yet so awesome and powerful at the same time.

I almost feel like a Man! :)

I know I still have plenty of week left, but I don’t plan on going anywhere tomorrow, and Thursday is Thanksgiving… And then you have the busiest shopping days of the year, which I generally don’t attend. I do most of my shopping online! :)

So for the rest of the week, I’ll do more at home desensitization with Mike. I’ll keep peeing with him behind me. And I’ll keep practicing my Breath Hold Techniques

When you’re recovering from Shy Bladder, every little trick and tip helps.

After all, I have an entire lifetime of bad behaviors to unravel! :)

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