Gradual Exposure Therapy Day 41

My goal for the week of visiting 3 Public Bathrooms, standing at 3 urinals for 3 full minutes is finished!

Goal Accomplished!

Today, I walked into Meijers and step into the men’s restroom. There are 2 urinals and 2 stalls.

One guy is at the first urinal and one guy is in the last stall (making weird noises).

I walk up to the 2nd urinal, unzip and wait.

Gradual Exposure Therapy Day 41

The guy at the first urinal is quiet. It doesn’t sound like he’s peeing (maybe he’s pee shy like me?). In fact, it’s so quiet in there you could hear a pin drop. Why don’t they play music in bathrooms???

It makes everything very uncomfortable!!!

Finally the guy next to me pisses, and that’s about the same time as the guy in the stall starts making crazy grunting and gasping noises (I figure he’s constipated).

I’m just standing there minding my ole business…

The Door Opens

A guy walks in and goes to the only available spot: the first stall. I can see his feet under the partition. He’s peeing. He pees really loud and fast.

The guy next to me finishes up, flushes and heads to the sink.

Another guy enters and makes his way to the first urinal. The guy in the last stall is still grunting and gasping…

Urinal #1 is FAST and pees like a race horse. He makes his way to the sink while the other guy is now drying his hands.

The sound of the water and dryer makes the bathroom a much more pleasant atmosphere to be in.

Another guy enters as the first stall empties out (bye bye gasper). The door opens and closes a couple of more times…

This is a happening place!

Stall #1 washes up as someone steps up to the urinal beside me.

All the while I’m standing, shifting, trying to look inconspicuous. I hope no one notices… I look down like I’m peeing…

For a second, I actually felt like I could pee. WHAT??? I didn’t really have an urge, but if I did have to go, I probably could have.

The urinals had good dividers between them, so it wasn’t so bad standing there. I can tell I’m feeling more comfortable with them.

3 Minutes…

After my 3 minutes were up, I washed and left and no one had any clue (or if they did, they didn’t say anything).

That takes care of my goals for the week. I’m so happy I accomplished them, I was beginning to wonder…

It makes me feel so good!

I think the 3 bathrooms, 3 urinals is a good goal to have. It’s just enough to fulfill without having to go out of my way. And it’s forcing me to enter bathrooms that I would normally steer clear of. Granted, as you’ve read this week, I’m not comfortable going into ALL bathrooms, like the Theater… But I am making progress.

One step at a time!


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