I Can’t Practice, I Have to Pee!

Ahh, the logic of a Paruretic!

It’s this kind of thinking that drives me crazy.

Today is Tuesday, Movie Day. My friends and I all go to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The problem is, it’s a long movie. 2 hours 41 minutes, plus at least 20 MORE minutes of previews. So that’s 3 hours crammed in a packed theater…

3 Hours of NOT Peeing!

I haven’t really been out much this week, we’ve got a lot of snow. It’s my first real time out since Saturday. I have Cabin Fever lol.

I told myself earlier that I’d use the bathroom before the movie (when I wouldn’t have an urge).

I had already limited myself to one cup of coffee this morning, so I should be fine… I hope!

I tell Mike (my Pee Buddy) what my plan is. His response was “Why not go after the movie?

“Because it’s a 3 hour movie” I say.


“And I may have to Pee!”

Ahhh, What Logic! Ha!

I don’t want to practice after the show because the odds are good that I may really have to Pee… How messed am I?

I’m not thinking properly, because I’m thinking about standing at the urinal for minutes on end. Doing that after the movie will increase my need to pee. And if I already have to pee, then it will get even more uncomfortable for me. My brain is basically saying to myself that I won’t be able to Pee and trying will only make matters worse.


It’s ALL Avoidance! I can’t practice because I may have to Pee, and who wants to be in that position? lol


Isn’t that the point? If I really have to go, and I DO go, then it’s a huge success right?

I ponder all of this. My brain is battling my every move.

I finally agree and say I’ll go after the show… and pray I’m not in pain (we still have to drive home).

So we watch the movie, which is AWESOME! I love the Barrel Scene (couldn’t stop laughing) and I loved how it ended (I have to see the next movie, no doubt about it)!

I Cant Practice I Have To Pee

Anyway, the movie ends. The packed theater is letting out. Tons and tons of guys are flooding into the restroom.

As we’re getting near the door, Mike looks at me and says “Are you going in?

LOL I didn’t even hesitate, I saw the herd of guys and said “NOPE!


We kept walking and that was that.

I could only imagine standing in line, waiting my turn, then moving up to a vacant urinal, standing there with guys behind me, watching me, seeing I’m not peeing… It’s just not right!

That would bring too much attention. Attention I don’t want. Not yet at least. Not until I can Pee under Pressure!

It sucks, because I have yet to walk into one Public Bathroom this week. I know it’s only Tuesday, but I need to accomplish my goal of 3 Bathrooms, 3 Urinals, for 3 Full Minutes!

Times a ticking…

What am I waiting for?

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