I’m a Peeing Fool

Peeing is FUN!

Especially when you Fluid Load and don’t Pee for 2 hours! lol

I knew that Mike and I (always makes me think I’m saying Mike & Ike) were heading out later to run some errands. And so I decided “Why waste an opportunity to Pee?

I started loading up on Coffee, Water and Soda. And by the time we left the house 2 hours later, I already had to Pee.

I was like “Let’s GO! I Gotta Pee!”

Mike wanted to work on his website more, but I couldn’t wait. It was either we leave so I could Pee in Public (so odd to think about), or I’d have to Pee at home and miss my chance at Desensitization.

So Mike grabs his coat and we’re out the door.

15 Minutes later, we’re at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

And as soon as we enter –Hey K-Cups are on Sale!– I head straight for the bathroom. I had never been in this restroom before, so I had no idea what to expect.

I go in!

I see 1 Urinal and I believe just 1 Stall (I don’t really look at them anymore).

Boy, I LOVE these Bathrooms!

I am a Peeing Fool

So I waste no time in unzipping and stepping up to the one and only Urinal. I Peed pretty damn quickly. I Peed a LOT! It just wouldn’t stop. HA!

And of course, the entire time I Peed, not a single soul came in.


After we shop and get back to the car, I drink ANOTHER bottle of water (I brought it along just for that very reason).

We drive down the street and turn into Best Buy!

I’m a Movie-holic!

I wanted to check out the new releases. I Must Have!

And after about 20 minutes or so, I feel my urge to Pee is knocking again. It’s getting awfully strong (Don’t you just love Fluid Loading?)

So I figure out where the bathroom is -another John I’ve never been to in my life- and I go in.

There’s a Best Buy Employee in there, standing at the sink picking blowing his nose.

He looks at me as I enter…

I see 2 Urinals and 1 Stall. Both Urinals are low. :( I walk up to the last Urinal, unzip and wait.

The Employee left and I was all alone…

It didn’t take me long to Pee, probably 20 seconds at the most. And I Peed with no other distractions or interruptions.



I should probably pick better places to Pee in, the Mall is still on my list for I think they must have a larger, busier bathroom than the last one I went in -which was a Single User Bathroom.

So that’s it! 2 Successful attempts at Peeing in Public and I didn’t even have to use Breath Hold to master.

Little by little, my anxiety IS slipping away. I really can’t wait to see what it’ll be in a year from now.

It’s nice to know that at least 80% of my attempts are successful. And even the ones that fail (misfire) at first, I can succeed in if I keep at it. Try 2 or 3 times and finally it will work.

And that’s a really nice thing to know!

Knowing that I CAN PEE helps ease the stress and tension.

So I just need to keep Peeing and never give up.

I ain’t no Fool! :)

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