Peeing at Costco

I Fluid Load today and peed at Costco twice!

The first time when I entered the men’s room, there’s a guy at the sink (who just left urinal #3 because it was still flushing), and another guy at urinal #1 (there’s 3 urinals in all).

I also noticed that there is a guy in the stall directly next to urinal #3.

This makes me hesitate for a moment!

Normally I would just go up to #3, but that puts me right next to the stall guy and those feet just inches away

Peeing at Costco!

I also didn’t want to grab the center urinal, that would have been odd, awkward, and inappropriate! (against the guy code)

So I grew some backbone and balls, and stepped on up to urinal #3.

I tried to ignore the guy in the stall. I didn’t think about the other guy peeing at #1, or the guy washing up…

I held my breath!

After about 15 seconds of breath hold, and applying a little pressure down, I started to pee!

I peed all the way until I was empty.

I was SOOOO Happy!

I washed and left!

1/2 hour later, I go back into that bathroom to pee again. This time there’s a guy at urinal #3, so I stepped up to urinal #1 (in the corner).

I hold my breath and wait!

That’s about when a father and his 2 sons come venturing in.

They’re talking noisily and making all sorts of commotion.

I hear one kid walking up to the urinals, and the father is ushering them into a stall to pee in the toilets (which is sad because he should be teaching them to pee in the urinals).

After about 20 seconds, and a little pressure, I begin to pee.

I kept applying pressure the whole time, and slowly inhaling and exhaling so my flow wouldn’t stop.

Which it didn’t! :)

I peed with all the people, kids and excitement. I was very proud of myself.

If this is what I have to do to keep desensitizing, then so be it!

It’s working, and I’m peeing!

Gotta love that!

Not once in 4 months have I ever had to return home with a full bladder. I’ve had a couple of mishaps, but I keep trying until I do have success!

And that’s what it’s all about! :)

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4 Responses to Peeing at Costco

  1. college kid says:

    that’s great Rich, keep up the BH and then it will come faster still, and if you try that let off trick i told you about then it should work. Just try it out where you feel comfortable. Also, don’t stop breath holding for more than a week or you will lose the ability. That’s what happened to me and I couldn’t fully get it back. Instead, I’ve been trying to find a reliable fake ID to purchase alcohol, you only live once after all, so better than nothing. I also got a pet rat if you were curious, his name is Benjamin.

  2. Richard says:

    LOL Thanks J. Love the pet rat! I myself want a bearded dragon. I just don’t want the upkeep. :) All I can do is to keep practicing and desensitizing. I do feel, over the months and years to come that Paruresis will fade away. It has to. I’m doing things I never dreamed of and I don’t plan on stopping. Why do you need a fake ID? How old are you? ;) -Richard

  3. college kid says:

    You know, I have an August 14th birthday, which means I missed the cutoff date by only a week. I was always the youngest kid in school, and I am 19. I just finished my sophomore year, so that explains why I have such a “mature” set of values (p***y before everything). Drinking helps you pee, and is good even after you mess up, because it helps you come across stronger. I don’t know, if I had to live once with paruresis, I would definitely do it drunk in certain situations. After like 5 beers, any man can pee anywhere is what I am saying.

  4. Richard says:

    And it’s crazy too, because beer is the one thing that I’ve never had. I’ve tasted it, a sip, but nothing more. All my friends drink like fish. They down like 8-9 bottles in a couple hours, and here I am chugging on a Root Beer. LMAO. If it works for you then go for it. Just be responsible and don’t drive. :) If it can tame your inhibitions and remove this wicked curse we have, then I applaud it. And if I had to do it all over, yep, I’d probably start drinking. Paruresis ruined so much of my life because of fright. It would have been nice to join the crowd and actually be able to party anywhere, anytime, and not have to worry about being pee-shy.

    P.S. I also went through school younger than the rest. I was 17 when I graduated. But I did put off going to college for another 10 years. By the time I went, I was ready for it… even though peeing at the college was a huge nightmare (because my Paruresis got worse over the years) :)

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