Peeing at Costco

I Fluid Load today and peed at Costco twice!

The first time when I entered the men’s room, there’s a guy at the sink (who just left urinal #3 because it was still flushing), and another guy at urinal #1 (there’s 3 urinals in all).

I also noticed that there is a guy in the stall directly next to urinal #3.

This makes me hesitate for a moment!

Normally I would just go up to #3, but that puts me right next to the stall guy and those feet just inches away

Peeing at Costco!

I also didn’t want to grab the center urinal, that would have been odd, awkward, and inappropriate! (against the guy code)

So I grew some backbone and balls, and stepped on up to urinal #3.

I tried to ignore the guy in the stall. I didn’t think about the other guy peeing at #1, or the guy washing up…

I held my breath!

After about 15 seconds of breath hold, and applying a little pressure down, I started to pee!

I peed all the way until I was empty.

I was SOOOO Happy!

I washed and left!

1/2 hour later, I go back into that bathroom to pee again. This time there’s a guy at urinal #3, so I stepped up to urinal #1 (in the corner).

I hold my breath and wait!

That’s about when a father and his 2 sons come venturing in.

They’re talking noisily and making all sorts of commotion.

I hear one kid walking up to the urinals, and the father is ushering them into a stall to pee in the toilets (which is sad because he should be teaching them to pee in the urinals).

After about 20 seconds, and a little pressure, I begin to pee.

I kept applying pressure the whole time, and slowly inhaling and exhaling so my flow wouldn’t stop.

Which it didn’t! :)

I peed with all the people, kids and excitement. I was very proud of myself.

If this is what I have to do to keep desensitizing, then so be it!

It’s working, and I’m peeing!

Gotta love that!

Not once in 4 months have I ever had to return home with a full bladder. I’ve had a couple of mishaps, but I keep trying until I do have success!

And that’s what it’s all about! :)

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