Flying Day

7:00 a.m.

Generally on flying days I’d be really anxious.

They always tend to be so long. A 4 hour flight tends to still take 9 hours to get home. By the time you get to the gate, wait, fly, get luggage, and drive all the way home, it’s much, much longer than a quaint 4 hours.

Fun Stuff!

Plus, days like today can even be more brutal for a Paruretic, depending on what time Hotel Checkout is. Often you have to check out by 10 or 11 and your flight might not be until 8 that night. That’s horrible to even think about (normally).

Most of the time you would just have to dehydrate yourself and hold in your urine for the entire duration…

Well, today isn’t so bad! :)

Checkout is at 11, and the flight is at 4. Not toooo bad… And what’s even funny about this is that I’m not really anxious about it either. Not after this wonderful week I’ve had!

If I have to pee, I’ll pee in the Airport or wherever I am. Because I believe I can, AND HAVE, and also believe that it’s not that big of deal anymore.

I mean after peeing an entire week in a bustling city with busy bathrooms, attendants and successes, what’s one more to add to the list? Right?

I’m not concerned or worried about it. Which is way cool for me.

My Plans

So my plans are NOT to dehydrate myself. And when I get the first urges to pee, I pee, and NOT hold it in!

I’m looking forward to the trip and will be excited to be back home to sleep in my own bed. Ahhhhh, now that’s comfort!

I’ll pick this up after all is said and done…

11:30 p.m.

What a longgggg day!

Finally home! Finally! Safe at last! Whew!

I should say, that’s not “safe” as in “safe bathroom“, it’s “safe” as in the roads are slick, icy, snow covered and dangerous!

Plus, it’s 20° out!

Welcome home! Nothing beats leaving 70° Vegas Weather for a Winter Snow Storm!

Yeah Buddy!

So let’s recap the journey from Hotel to Home…

We check out EARLY (something I would normally NEVER do), and head for a little gambling at the Casino (one last shot before we leave – I WON $14 WHOO-HOO!).

I was already full of coffee (3 cups) and I decided that I wanted to pee once more in the Casino Bathroom!

I was still a little nervous, but I used Breath Hold and peed until I emptied my bladder. That’s great!

We drop the car off at the Rental Place, and boy were they BUSY!

I use the Men’s Room there. Breath Hold, of course. And I go with no problems.

Then it’s off to the Airport!

We arrive 2 hours before flight, and had to go through some crazy “pre check” at the TSA. And I didn’t get that at all. The wanted us to leave our shoes on, leave the jackets on, leave everything in your pockets, but not the iPhone. That had to go through the scanner. What’s up with that? It wasn’t like this on the way here. Odd! Confusing! Non-Consistent! TSA Madness!

Anyway, I Pee in the Airport before we board the Plane. I also made sure I drank a LARGE Coffee before hand! :)

After the Plane takes off, I order a Sprite. And an hour later I tell Mike I need to pee again. So does he. So we both get out of our seats, and since we were seated near the front of the plane, we head towards the front bathroom.

And as Mike goes in, I realize, there’s only 1 bathroom up front (2 in the back).

So here I am. Standing at the very front of the Plane, waiting for Mike, with 200+ eyes staring right at me (or the TV Screen above my head).

Nicely Done Richard!

I lean against the wall and try to ignore it. FINALLY Mike comes out (seemed like it took him forever), and I go in…

Paruresis Flying Day

I’m listening to “Prince” as I settle into the swaying of the Plane. I’m feeling the pressure. I hold my breath and wait. It didn’t take long. After about 30 seconds I begin to pee. :)

I make sure to hold my breath a little longer so it doesn’t lock up… and as I’m pissing, I realize that I’m aiming directly into the small pool of water and probably making loud splashing noises. Oh well! (I couldn’t hear because of “Darling Nikki“).

I peed and didn’t care less if someone heard me or not. Who cares?

I Wash, Leave, and Ignore all the eyes on me!

So 3 hours into the flight, after another Coffee AND another Sprite, I need to pee again!

Since the guy on the isle seat (who loves the bright blinding over-head light) was standing up in the isle (bad knees), I have Mike let me out so I can urinate once more.

No one’s in the John!

I go in. I stand there for a bit. I think about Breath Holding, but instead I just relax. And after about 15 seconds I start to wizz.

Note To Self: Going pee in a bathroom more than once makes it easier to pee the second time.

So I Pee and it Felt Great!

I sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Once we land, I have one more bathroom trip in the Airport. Mike needed to pee, and even though I didn’t have a high urge, I decided to go since it would probably take us a long time to get home, in the blinding snow and all.

He goes in while I watch the bags. This bathroom is ULTRA BUSY! Guys are just piling in left and right. One dude after another. Some guys go in packs. 3, 4, even 5 groups at a time. WOW! That’s insane!

I’m just standing there watching as they all enter and leave… (I figure other planes were deboarding as well).

Mike comes out, his eyebrows are raised “It’s busy in there!” he says. GREAT!!!


I see a line of guys waiting for the urinals. There were only 2 urinals and 3 stalls. THEY WERE ALL FULL! Could I actually pee with all these guys waiting? Staring? Wanting to pee? Watching your back? Seeing your stream? The pressure is really on…

And as I think about this, luck was with me, for just as it was my turn, the very last stall opened up. I sigh deep relief and head in… (it’s been a while since I’ve peed in a stall)

I can tell my heart rate has increased dramatically. There was so much noise, commotion, people waiting… I hold my breath, and hold it, and hold it

Finally 40 seconds in, I begin to pee. I kept holding my breath because the flow was weak and I didn’t want to lose it. I held it for another 10 seconds beyond that and finally a full stream started.

I Peed and Peed until I was Totally Empty!

And what’s funny is the fact that when I left the stall, just a minute later, there was no one in line (they were FAST!). There was just 2 guys peeing at the urinals and that was that. HA!

It just goes to show you that if you catch a bathroom at the wrong moment, IT’S ALL CHAOS! No matter though, I was able to pee and that was a good thing because it did take us over 2 hours to get home. The roads were SOOOO BAD!

And if I wasn’t able to pee this whole day (which has happened plenty of times before: Here and Here), I would have certainly been in pain and agony. I even dread the thought.

Instead, I was perfectly fine. In fact, on the way home, we pulled into a gas station and bought some extra large coffees for the road. :)

Desensitization and Breath Hold are Life Savers!

Everything about me seems different. Everything is changed. I feel Alive!

It’s late now. I’m at home. I’m very, very happy.

Peeing in public is now a world I live in!

And you know what?

I love this world! :)

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