I Can’t Stop Peeing!

I Fluid Load before we run to Cosco today, and by the time we arrive, I really need to piss.

I head into the men’s bathroom and see one guy at the first urinal (in the corner). The second and third urinal are free.

I take the third urinal which is the closest to the stalls (which I believe are both empty as well).

I unzip, relax and try to concentrate on peeing.

I can hear the guy at the other urinal peeing loudly!

I hold my breath and apply a little pressure down.

And even though I need to pee badly, it’s giving me problems!!!

I pull out my iPhone and play with my text messages, sending stupid Emojis to people, like Connect 4

I Can't Stop Peeing!

As the other guy finishes peeing and starts to head towards the sinks, I finally began to pee myself.

It’s pretty slow to begin, but it’s going, and that’s all that really matters.

I relax some more and just let it happen!

I also keep texting and keep my mind off my surroundings.

Finally my stream picks up and is flowing nicely

Another guy comes in and walks up to urinal number one.

I’m still peeing!

He’s quiet and I can’t hear anything from him. It makes me wonder if he’s locked up and… if he’s a Paruretic?

I’m still peeing!

It feels like it’s been flowing for two full minutes (and I only drank one bottle of water).

Finally the other guy walks away (the urinals auto flush).

He moves over to the sinks. He must have had a really weak (quiet) stream, or he just pretended to pee.

Could be? I should know…

I’ve been there… Done that!

I keep texting… and…


It’s crazy, but it’s now been about three minutes and there is no sign of stopping! Ha!

I feel kind of silly because two guys have peed and gone, and here I am still standing there.

Outside in the hall, I can hear a mother yelling at her little boy. He’s probably around four. He keeps running into the men’s bathroom and she keeps yelling at him to “come back here“.

He comes in, laughs, screams at her, and then runs back out. What a little BRAT! It’s not so distracting as it is annoying.

But no matter, I’m still peeing…

Ain’t no stopping me!

FINALLY around 4 minutes later, my bladder eases up and empties out. Whew!

That was probably the longest pee I’ve ever had. Talk about boring!

But it felt great and it’s another great success story.

So who’s texting in the bathroom?

That would be me! :)

Smiley Face, Sunset, Thumbs Up, Pizza…

Your Move!

Sounds good to me! :)

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4 Responses to I Can’t Stop Peeing!

  1. college kid says:

    Hmm… You said you really needed to pee and it was slow to start, that’s probably because the breath hold used over time will make it come slower… But it’s no big deal it’s only a temporary side effect that disappears in a few months.

    On a side note, do you find that fluid loading also works for you? Recently, I’ve decided that drinking every time I want to piss isn’t going to be a solution to my problems but will be useful sometimes, so I have started to think of all the times when I really had to pee and though I still thought I would have trouble starting, it came no problem when the urge was high enough.

    The only problem is not letting your bladder get too full or it will stretch. Also making sure you don’t drink before bed so it won’t stretch at night. As long as you can find the sweet spot, in my experience, you will never fail to pee even if you doubt it.

    So that’s what I’m on to now. I mean, you are much older and wiser than me so you probably could tell that my alcoholic approach wasn’t much but a phase that obviously wouldn’t be practical sometimes. Sorry for the lack of introduction Rich, but you clearly know me by now. Also haven’t read in a while so I will have to catch up!

  2. Richard says:

    Hi J. “Older and Wiser” does make me feel older… Just not any wiser. :) I’ve tried not to use breath hold much. And actually, the little breath hold that I do use, it’s not a real breath hold where you hold your breath beyond the gasping point to force you to pee. I just slightly hold my breath and gently apply force down on my bladder and usually that’s enough to get me to pee within 15-20 seconds.
    I do agree on the stretching bladder thing. If you hold your urine in long enough and it stretches your bladder, it makes going much more difficult. It’s better to go early, when you feel the urge, then to wait until it’s too late.
    And as far as the alcohol… I can’t say much about it since I’ve never really experienced it. Everybody has their own way of coping with Paruresis and being able to deal with it. Who am I to say what’s right or wrong. I’m just trying to make it through life with as less misery as I can and hopefully get rid of some of this social phobia in the mean time.
    Nice to see you back. If you ever want to share more stories or thoughts feel free. A younger point of view can certainly help others as well. :)

  3. Chris says:

    Wow. That’s awesome. I just enjoy hearing your success stories. Keeps on helping me push further and further! And harder! To get over this debilitating phobia! I just had recently had an opportunity to go to Denver Colorado for the great American beer festival. We flew out there a few with a few people I knew. I knew it would be a long day. So I nervously started to drink less throughout the day before the flight. I peed right before my buddy picked me up at 7am… our plane departed at 10:00am and we wouldn’t even get to a hotel by at least 6:30 at night. I started to get a small urge on the plane. So I figured you know what we land in about 1 hour I can hold it till then… So. We land at the airport in Denver. I go to use the bathroom I have a not a huge urge but an urge to pee. So I go in nervously use the stall. I couldn’t go. I tried breathing, relaxing. Everything. I couldn’t go! I was in panic mode. I said to myself you know what. No biggy. I’ll try the next chance I get! So we get to the car rental place. I try the bathroom there. Instead I go to the urinal. I try there no success. So I hold it longer. We then go back to the hotel this is around 6:30pm. So at this time IV literally held my pee for about 11 hours. I don’t know how that was possible. I guess I didn’t drink much… that’s the only reason why… we then eventually go to a little diner for some dinner. Of course everyone grabs a beer. And I nervously don’t want one because I have to pee so badly. I’ve already had 2 discouraging tries to pee in public and failed at both. So on the way out. I say hey I’m going to use the bathroom real quick! I urgently run to the bathroom. Close the stall. And for some reason I finally just felt relaxed. I don’t know why I just felt relaxed!!! The pee came out I was splashing and everything so happy I finally!!! Peed!!!! So throughout the whole Thursday-Saturday trip. I had good success using the public restrooms. Of course there was a lot of beer drinking throughout the trip so, I always had a high urge but I was proud that I made it through the entire trip with using public restrooms but most of the time I had a good buzz going on. So that’s my story. So I do feel like it’s getting better then it was before but I still do prefer a stall over a urinal!! I still do practice using a urinal every chance I get with fluid loading. So that’s my story!!

  4. Richard says:

    Awesome Chris. That’s the big thing we have to learn… if you fail, keep trying. If you fail again, keep trying. And don’t ever give up on yourself until you finally succeed. Because sooner or later, you will. And you will be happy for it. I, myself, am leaving for a vacation in 2 days. I’ll be out of the country for the next 5. I’m sure, away from the safety of my home, I’ll have a lot of bathroom experiences to share upon my return. After all, I’ll be out in public about 80% of the time, so that’s a ton of public urinals and desensitization. I’m actually looking forward to it. Usually I’m quite nervous about trips, but not this time. I’m sure I’ll have misfires, and I’m sure I’ll have success, but I’m not going to worry so much about it. It is what it is. I know it, and I can live with it. It won’t kill me, it’ll only make me stronger. Time to step up and face this bitch. :) Bring it on…

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