Bathroom Goals Day 46

46 Days into my Desensitization and I still find my Public Bathroom Goals difficult to obtain (even though I have accomplished them ALL as of yet).

I only ask myself to walk into 3 Public Bathrooms a week, and to step up to the urinal and wait a full 3 minutes!

That’s my goal!

It doesn’t matter if I pee or not. It’s just to stand there and get comfortable with that scenario.

Bathroom Goals Day 46

You’d think walking into 3 bathrooms a week would be a breeze. But it’s not! Especially if you aren’t running errands and have been at home for most of the week.

It’s just a fact of life, some weeks are busier than others.

But tonight, I did pass up on one great opportunity to stand at a urinal.

Before I even went to the restaurant, I had told myself that I would use that bathroom.

It just didn’t happen!

I went out to eat at a local Sport’s Bar, and actually forgot all about my bathroom visit until I was heading out the the door and just happened to glance down that hallway. There was a guy coming out of the john, two guys were coming out behind me, someone else was holding the entrance door open in front of me… People were everywhere, a lot of commotion, and all looking at me! I glanced at the bathroom for a second… and then I was gone. Out the door. Sigh!

Why did I forget?

Another opportunity lost!

I have 3 days left to accomplish 2 more bathroom goals, I already did one yesterday at the Movie Theater. Sweet!

I know I’m heading out tomorrow, so I should be able to at least hit one bathroom, if not two. We’ll see.

Maybe I’ll get lucky?

Until then, I’m still practicing desensitization with my Pee Buddy as well as using my Breath Hold techniques. It seems to be working!

One technique with Breath Hold that I’ve been trying really feels like it’s doing some good.

It goes like this…

I blow out 3/4 of the air in my lungs as I stand there trying to pee. Then after about 10-15 seconds, I blow out a little bit more air. I wait another 10 seconds then blow out more air. I keep doing this until all the air is out of my lungs. And what seems to happen is that every time I exhale more and more air, the urge to urinate increases.

I’m still testing this theory but the desire to pee does greatly intensify!

Could this be the breakthrough I’m looking for?

I’ve been testing this for the last week or two and I think I’m onto something grand. Especially since I almost peed in the Movie Theater yesterday doing this.

Can I be Cured?

With enough practice I can see this working. And if it does, then I could pee at any urinal I please.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Just the thought of that… Takes my breath away! :)

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