Snowed In

It’s Day 47 in my Recovery. It’s been snowing all day. Roads are horrible. Very few cars go by…

Welcome to Winter Wonderland!

I figure there’s a foot of snow on my patio (and it hasn’t stopped yet).

Take a look…

Snowed In

So what did I do today being snowed in and all?

Wrap Presents, Work on my Websites, Practice with my Pee Buddy, Hold my Breath.

Mike, my Pee Buddy is probably happy since I’ve cut his sessions in half (I know he’s bored of it). That’s right, I feel like my desensitizing with him is as complete as it can be. I am able to pee with him by my side with no problems. So now, I just have him stand there a couple of times throughout the day (so I don’t back slide).

The other times that he’s not there, I hold my breath! I practice my Breath Hold Techniques and try to master them.

Both are beneficial to me! :)

I still need a lot of practice with breath hold. I remember as a kid I used to be able to hold my breath for minutes on end (now it’s just like one minute). My childhood Idol was Harry Houdini (I wanted to be a Magician). Houdini used to hold his breath for almost 4 minutes for his underwater escapes. I wanted to be like him, so I would hold my breath and stare at the clock and watch the minutes pass by.

I do know that the more you practice holding your breath, the easier it gets.

My Question is this:

If you can hold your breath longer, like 3 minutes, with no problems, then will it take you 3 minutes before you’ll feel your pelvic floor drop?

Sounds Plausible.

I just don’t know.

Every person is different. Our bodies are different. I’m sure Breath Hold affects everyone differently.

I mean, if Breath Hold worked so easily and effectively, then everyone with Paruresis would just hold their breath and no one would be Pee Shy.

So it’s not so simple!

2 Months Practice” I keep telling myself (and it’s only been 24 Days for Breath Hold Practice).

In the meantime, how about watching a pro (Dominic M) Demonstrate the Breath Hold Method (from Paruresis Exposed

It’s pretty amazing stuff! :)

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