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There are some great books about Pee Shyness, Bladder Shyness, or Paruresis (the medical name)… But, there aren’t many!

I find it odd that there isn’t much written about the topic. After all, it does affect roughly 22 million Americans (and half a BILLION people worldwide) to some extent.

But, that’s just the nature of this subject. It’s something hidden, something shameful and embarrassing. Something you just don’t talk about.

I’m Scared to Pee at a Urinal!

We avoid bathrooms and bathroom talk. We’d rather not go there.

Thankfully, some people have!

Pee Shy Books On Paruresis

Some wonderful authors have opened up about their social condition and let the people in to see what Paruresis is, what it’s like living with shy bladder, and how one can overcome and recover from Paruresis.

I highly recommend picking these up. If you have, or think you have, shy bladder, you NEED to buy these books. I did. They will teach you about yourself, your body, and your mind. You’ll learn what causes one to become pee shy, and you’ll read other people’s journeys as well. It’s worth every penny!

I was touched deeply by these books. I had no idea that other people were thinking the same thing as me. That they were going through the same dire situations, and that I WAS NOT ALONE!

I learned that there were forums and support groups.

Help, Recovery, and Cures!

These are the few and the BEST books you can get on bashful bladder. Other than a couple of audio books and some self wrote eBooks, these are the only ones in print today.

Let’s take a closer look…

Shy Bladder Syndrome

This is the first book I ever read about Shy Bladder and I am happy that I took the initial step to begin.

It’s written by 4 different authors: Steven Soifer, George Zgourides, Joseph Himle, and Nancy Pickering, and it gives you a step by step guide to overcoming Paruresis.

It’s important to state that Steven Soifer, MSW, PhD, is the president of International Paruresis Association (IPA). He’s an ex-paruresis sufferer and an associate Professor at the University of Maryland.

Here’s a break down of the Chapters you’ll read:

Chapter One

What is Bashful Bladder Syndrome and how do you know you have it?

Chapter Two

The Brain, Bladder and Urination. Working in harmony, but not always.

Chapter Three

Cause of Bashful Bladder Syndrome. Unraveling the Mystery.

Chapter Four

You can treat Bashful Bladder Syndrome yourself!

Chapter Five

Adjunct Therapies, Support Groups, and Workshops.

Chapter Six

The Medical Community and Paruresis.

Chapter Seven

How family members, intimate partners, and friends can support your recovery.

Chapter Eight

Evolving legal ramifications: The Americans with Disabilities Act and Mandatory Drug Testing.

Chapter Nine

Future Directions.

As well as, literature reviews, evolution of the bathroom, and it’s impact on Paruresis.

If you buy any book on the subject, let this be the book!

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears as I read the stories, examples, and detail in this book.

It broke me down a couple of times and really hit me hard. After living in shame all my life, there was hope, there were workshops and forums filled with people who can’t pee in public like me. People who had no where else to turn. People looking for Pee Buddies and going through recovery on a daily basis. It was eye opening!


It all made sense now. I could get help. I was blown away with what I read. You will be too.

Buy this book from Amazon and the world will be lifted from your shoulders.

You won’t regret it!

Pee Shy to Pee Free

Written by David Soucy, this book digs deep about Pee Shyness.

The cover says “How one man overcame avoidant Paruresis… and how you can too!

I LOVE this book! Loved the way he wrote it, loved the stories from the field… They are all incredible!

The exercises are awesome and really make you think about what you’re doing and how you do it. He did a great job with putting this together. It’s well thought out.

More importantly, it’s a MUST READ!

I picked this up from Amazon (I buy all my books from Amazon because of the cheap price), and I read it in 3 days straight. I couldn’t put it down. It’s that good!

It touched my soul and has changed my life forever.

The book teaches you how to:

  • Implement Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Make Graduated Exposure Gains
  • Work Successfully with Pee Buddies
  • Overcome Plateaus
  • Make Effective use of Cognitive Therapy Processes
  • Keep your Spirits high

If you suffer from Shy Bladder, buy this book today. Read it, and then tell your story here! :)

Bathrooms make me Nervous

I was hesitant about buying this book, because it’s a guide for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder), but I’m so happy I did. It’s an awesome read.

Written by Carol Olmert, it’s a fascinating insight into a women’s point of view.

You rarely hear Women as being Pee Shy, it’s usually a guy thing. But deep down, it’s no different. Women suffer just like men do and face even more interesting scenarios.

Carol is the coordinator of the Women’s IPA (International Paruresis Association), and has even been on my blog here and left wonderful comments.

Her book is well worth the purchase, man or woman, it will paint a bigger picture of Paruresis and how it affects us all.

Here’s a breakdown of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1

Do you suffer from Paruresis? A self-screening test. The Continuum, from Mild to Severe. Bathroom Experiences, Tales, and Work Lives.

Chapter 2

Gender differences among Paruretics.

Chapter 3

Stall Tactics. How we have coped.

Chapter 4

Now that you’re ready, hit the road to recovery!

Chapter 5

Why can’t I be normal like all the others. (Something I beat myself up over daily)

Chapter 6

Exploring Fears and Concerns.

Chapter 7

Practical Dos and Dont’s.

Chapter 8

Survival Skills, ways to empty your bladder.

Chapter 9

Treatment of Paruresis.

Chapter 10

Taking Action (IPA Workshops). Disclosing your condition to others. Finding a practice partner (Pee Buddy), and joining Support Groups.

Chapter 11

Women’s Success Stories: Recovering from Paruresis.

Chapter 12

Conclusions and Next Steps!

One word sums it up: Incredible!

If you have Paruresis, mild or severe, then you need to read this book and learn how to deal with it. See why things are, what causes it, and how to begin on the road to recovery.

The way we recover differs from person to person. Some recover from Breath Hold, others from Support Groups, Exposure Therapy or Pee Buddies. Either way, HELP is there!

It’s the best money you’ll ever spend.

Shy Bladder cripples lives and keeps us from doing and going places that everyone else does: Concerts, Sports Arenas, Theater, Road Trips, Vacation, even just out to eat! If you feel trepidation or shame inside about peeing or trying to pee in public, then you need to take a stand and start reading today.

I had no idea how much Paruresis really affected my entire life until these books opened my eyes. I was shocked at the impact!


One other Book I’ll note here:

One last book about Paruresis that is NEW, is this book…

Loud & Proud

Loud & Proud is a Kindle Only Book. Written by Jay Ryles. It’s a step-by-step guide to overcoming Shy Bladder Syndrome.

This book is divided into 2 parts: What is Shy Bladder, and How to Recover from Paruresis.

I would LOVE to read this book, but I like paperbacks. Sorry! I don’t own a Kindle and don’t want to read my books on a bright tablet in bed.

Give me a good book any day! :)

So when it comes out in print, I’ll buy it in a second! If you have a Kindle and enjoy reading this way, pick it up, and start reading this very minute!

Paruresis is a Daily Struggle!

Paruresis is a topic that I struggle with every day. I read about it, write about it and am making progress on my way to recovery. I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully cured, but you’ll read my entire journey here on

Paruresis affects my life and everything I do greatly.

If it affects you too, do some reading and change the way your brain thinks.

It’s amazing what you can learn.

Help is around the corner.

We are NOT alone!

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