Can’t Pee Under Pressure

I have a hard enough time peeing as it is.

Sometimes it takes me a while to go, even if I’m by myself.

So when there’s more pressure added to my already heightened anxiety, it makes it much, much harder to go.

Pressure like:

  • You have to leave out the door in 2 minutes
  • You’re late getting to the movies
  • Your friend is in the restroom waiting for you
  • There’s a line out the bathroom door and everyone wants you to hurry

Can't Pee Under Pressure

Pressure is constant. It’s everywhere!

Pressure is LIFE!

  • You only have 1 minute in between classes
  • Someone’s knocking on the door
  • You know you won’t be in another bathroom for a very long time
  • You’re the only one at work and you have to pee before another customer enters the store

It’s endless what situations we run into that apply more pressure to an already delicate condition.

Every little noise, every footstep, voices outside the door… They all add up! They create a massive barricade that you can’t tear down.

The more pressure you feel, the less likely you are to pee.

When I walk into a bathroom and see Janitors moping up and cleaning the sinks and stalls, I know this is a huge obstacle for me to overcome. It quadruples the pressure and makes me want to give up before I even try.

How do I pee when they are directly outside the stall, watching, waiting, listening… Knowing I went in there, Knowing I’m peeing, and yet I’m just standing there quiet as a mouse.


As the pressure mounts, my heart beat races. It thumps loudly in my chest. I swear it’s audible!

It’s the sound of pure panic!

I always think that people are judging me. Their glances and scrutiny pushes me to extremes. It keeps my bladder locked up for good.

Why do these things cause so much pressure?

It’s just silly things that shouldn’t bear any meaning. But yet…

  • You only have 30 seconds to pee
  • The Plane is rocking
  • The only place to pee is on the side of the road, out in the open
  • The only stall available is in between two other occupied stalls
  • You waited too long to pee and now, once you start, you can’t stop. You’ll be peeing all night long!

Too many things pile up, one on top of another.

You’d think that there would be an easy way to relieve stress: Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Sleep, Medication

All things I don’t do!

Stress keeps me up all night long. I have insomnia all the time! (about every other night).

I’m restless and worry a lot. It makes me have to get up to pee every hour or so! It’s so annoying!

This is the thing that I find most interesting…

When I stress and worry at night, I pee constantly!

But when I stress and worry in public bathrooms, I CAN’T pee at all!

What’s up with that?

It just makes me think that I’m really messed up inside. Nothing about my Paruresis makes sense.

  • Intermission is almost over, it’s pee now or never!
  • The only bathroom on the busy turnpike is coming up… Do you try?
  • You’re expecting your boss to call you. Do you try to quickly use the bathroom before hand?
  • You enter a restroom with nothing but urinals (or a Trough). What do you do?

Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

Time’s a ticking! Your bladder is singing. You have to pee and you have to pee NOW!

Sink or swim?

Tell me, how do you deal with the stress?

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