Cabin Fever

This has been a very crazy week.

I’ve not left the house in 3 full days.

Finally the “Snow Emergency Level” is being lifted at midnight and we can now drive on the roads again (without getting a ticket)… YES!

I guess it could be worse, we could be the ones with -41°.

So Polar Vortex, go back to the North Pole Please! :)

It was funny because Saturday, when it all began, Kay swung by Krogers and she told me “They were sold out of everything!” She was laughing “They didn’t have one piece of Meat left in the store. No Milk. No Eggs. No Bread. You’d think this was the end of the World“. hahaha So true. So true. People do tend to over react.

So while this snow looks pretty now…

Cabin Fever

I’m ready for it to be over. It’s put a damper on my desensitization this week. It’s a good thing that I still have the rest of the week to meet my goals. Which I will accomplish! :)

And one of those days, of course, is going to be “Fluid Loading“. Joy!

And then Saturday, I’m outta here. Heading to Vegas for 5 days (so no updates until I return). I’m sure I’ll then have plenty of bathroom experiences to talk about, especially with the Airport and Airplane. :)

And Tomorrow, I am going out to a nice Steak House. Sadly it’s an hour away (so no Fluid Loading for that). This Steak House that I’m going to does have a single user bathroom in it. But the tiny, little bathroom (standing room only) is right off the main dining area, and you have to walk in between all the tables to get there. And the door to the bathroom, is just feet away from other tables. Not cool. I have gone in there before, I wasn’t able to pee. I felt like everyone was watching me enter and exit, and listening to me. I was to anxious and had to hold in my urine all night. That was painful.

I’m hoping this visit will be different!

I’ll save the Fluid Loading for the Mall, which I’m figuring will be Thursday or Friday (it has to be).

And lastly, here’s something odd…

I’m watching David Letterman last night. A commercial comes on for the little blue pill that gives you a hard on. Normally I don’t pay attention to commercials, I was goofing with my phone and checking my messages. But something I heard stopped me and made me look up.

The commercial said that 20 million Americans contact their doctor about “ED“. 20 Million People?

That’s 7% of the population. I know this because it’s the same statistic of people who are affected with Paruresis.

What does that mean?

Nothing! There is no relation, but I do wonder if all these studies say the same thing…

20 Million People have this condition…


Makes you wonder!

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