A Surprising Movie Ending

So today being “Movie Day“, we all go to see “Lone Survivor” with Marky Mark (Good Vibrations!)

And let me tell you that that was an Excellent Movie! It was so Realistic, so Gritty and Raw. The scenes with them rolling (falling) down the mountain side were breathtaking, you almost had to close your eyes. You felt every single bump and bruise (watch out for that tree!)

Peeing In A Busy Movie Theater

Go see it!

You won’t be Disappointed!

But, by the last hour of the movie, my bladder started talking. Oh no! It wanted to Pee! (Couldn’t be the Large Slushie could it?)

I’m kind of surprised that I have to go, since I Peed 3 times before I left the house. But you can never predict what your bladder does, it has a mind of its own!

So I sat there watching the non-stop action, and tried to keep my mind off my own screaming body parts. My bladder needed release!

And, as the movie came to a close, I really had to go BADLY!

I Contemplated my Scenario:

Situations like this are pretty scary to a Paruretic. I know I HAVE to go, but I also know when the theater lets out, the bathrooms will be Swarmed and FULL, with probably a line out the door! Plus, I also know that we’re not going straight home (no safety net). We’re stopping off at Petco to get some Doggie Goodies… Not to mention saying “HI” to all the Bearded Ladies Dragons (I just LOVE them!)

So I really had no choice in the matter. I could never hold it long enough to make it home, especially since it was freezing out, and so that left me only one option:

To Pee in the Busy Movie Theater!

And so, right after the movie ends, we all hustle out of the theater row by row. This is it! I know, I’ll really have to face my demons today.

It’s Do or Die!

I walk into the men’s room behind 2 other guys (There’s also 3 guys following me in). And as we enter, I see that those guys grab the last 2 of 5 Urinals… They are now ALL FULL! There is no spot to Pee except for the 1 Stall that’s still left open (The Handicapped Stall – Which I hate using!)

I really didn’t want to Pee in a stall, I do everything I can to avoid them now-a-days, but like Yesterday, when the bathroom is bustling, and all the Urinals are occupied, you take what you can get…

So Today I Get a Stall!

I head in and latch the door. Normally I would have left the door open since I was only Peeing, but the way the door was situated, guys would have not seen someone was in there until they actually turned the corner and walked into the Stall. Not cool! That’s awkward and NOT nice to anyone, so I latched the door.

I unzipped and stood at the toilet, still apprehensive if I could Pee or not. I really didn’t know. The bathroom was noisy and guys were moving all around. There was a line out the door. The Urinals were flushing. The sinks were running…

And I was scared of Failure!

I held my breath and waited…

And I didn’t have to hold it long. For surprisingly, within about 15 seconds, I started to Pee!


I Peed fast and loud, and I purposefully aimed directly into the center of the bowl. I WANTED to make Loud Splashing Noises! I was proud of that! Everyone could hear me!

My thoughts were “I’m Peeing! Get Over It!

I Peed for probably 2 good minutes (More Non-Stop Action). And Yes, I WAS a Happy Camper!

I flushed, washed and left.

And I felt GREAT!

We then went to Petco AND stopped by Tim Hortons on the way home for an Extra Large Mocha Caramel Crunchy Coffee (So Good!) I gobbled that up!

So while the movie was great, the ending; being able to Pee in a Busy Theater Bathroom, was SPECTACULAR!

And that’s the BEST ending in the World! :)

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