All the Urinals are Full

So today, I load up on liquids before running out on errands.

I love to Fluid Load and it really seems like it works well. It makes me not only HAVE to Pee in Public, but WANT to Pee in Public!

It’s a Great Feeling!

By the time we get to Costco today, I have to Pee (I’ve only drank 32 oz. of water).

So as I turn the corner into the Men’s Room, I have to walk around some guy coming out (Hey, look where you’re going!) I can also hear the dryer’s blowing so I know the bathroom has more guys…

As I come around the bend, I see one guy at the dryers, one guy at the sinks, and believe it or not, but all 3 Urinals are empty!

Sadly, the Stalls weren’t!

Some guy was in one of the stalls making lots of gunfire commotion. Ratta-Tat-Tat! The place stinks like all-get-out!

All the Urinals are Full

I step up to the first Urinal, relax, and happily hold my breath.

I start to Pee within 10 seconds!

That’s about the time when a guy walks up to the second Urinal and starts to Pee.

I don’t look over, but I wonder why he picked the center Urinal versus the last ???

I finally finish peeing, and as I turn around I see that the 3rd Urinal is occupied as well.

Now I get it!

I didn’t even notice that some guy went up to the 3rd Urinal because I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me, I was looking down and thinking about peeing.

I wash up and leave, and after shopping for 1/2 hour, I decide to pee one more time before we leave.

I head to the Bathroom and walk in…

I see a guy, who looks like he was 15, standing at the center Urinal. He’s looking down and fidgeting…

The other two Urinals are Empty!

I walk up to the first Urinal again, and I walk up with zero hesitation… I act like I own the Urinal and I’m a man on a mission (I need to pee, get out of the way!)

I unzip, relax, and let the air out of my lungs. I hold my breath and settle in…

In about 15 seconds I start to pee. The kid next to me is still looking down, but he’s pretty quiet over there. I don’t hear any sounds.

Some other guy comes in and goes to the last empty Urinal. He starts to pee pretty quickly.

I stand there and pee for a good minute, I didn’t want it to end, it felt so good.

Finally I finish and notice that the kid is still fidgeting around, like he’s trying to get it all situated in whatever fly or contraption he has… ha! I briefly wonder if he’s also Pee Shy? Who knows?

I turn towards the sinks and get a little surprise…

There are two guys standing at the sinks, facing us, waiting for a Urinal

Oh! I hadn’t even noticed!

The thing that I’m finding interesting is that I’m slowly being able to re-adjust my focus and thoughts while I’m in there. I’m no longer so worried about who’s in the bathroom, who’s coming and going, who’s watching and waiting…

I’m able to just clear my mind, relax, let my brain wander and think about something else as I pee.

It’s a pretty wild thing!

Desensitizing like this really does wonders, and I highly advise it!

I was originally scared to Fluid Load, and especially nervous about leaving the house with a Full Bladder, but it really has turned my entire world around. It works! It allows me to Pee in Public, and believe me, there are no words that can truly express that.

It’s like a dream come true!

If you haven’t tried Fluid Loading… TRY IT!

It can change your life!

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