Toronto Here I Come

P.S. I’m about 6 months behind in my Posts here, so bear with me. I’m going to try to get caught up… I have a LOT to type (like 20 Posts or more). :)

Noon. Me and my Business Partner/Roommate/Pee Buddy/Mike set out on a Road Trip to Lovely Toronto Canada.

It’s a 4 Day Vacation, with some Sight Seeing and Relaxation… A much needed get-a-way.

It’s also a 6 hour drive.

So at Noon, we hit the road!

I make sure to bring a CASE of Water with me, since I plan to drink and Pee along the way.

We stop at the corner to fill up on Gas, and I also grab myself an Extra Large 24oz cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino. :)

And by the time we get over the border (an hour later), Mike pulls into a McDonalds and says he needs to Pee.

I follow him into the Restaurant, all the while thinking “Do I need to Pee or not?

You see, I didn’t have a strong urge yet, but I knew, that if I was back home, YES, I probably could have Peed.

So, after he heads into the John, I stood there for a minute contemplating the situation, and then said “Fuck it! I’m gonna try anyway!

So I head into the Bathroom!

There are 3 Urinals. Mike is at the center Urinal and another guy is to his left. The only Urinal open is the Short Kiddie Urinal.

I walk up to it and I see Mike glance over at me. I think he’s as surprised as I am.

The Urinals have a large divider between them, which is good. I stood there for a minute, and finally Hold my Breath slightly to egg myself on.

Mike finishes and goes over to the sink behind me. I get a little pee out… it’s NOT being nice!

I pull out my phone and start to fuck with it to distract my brain.

I also Hold my Breath some more!

Mike leaves. The other guy leaves. And that’s about when I start to Pee. HA!

I peed all the way, and as I was finishing up, a worker comes in to clean the Bathroom. I finish, and move over to the sink. I can hear him flush the Stall Toilet… I don’t even want to know what’s going on there. :)

A couple of minutes later (after some Chicken Nuggets), we’re on the road taking 401 to Toronto.

Long about 2 hours later, there’s an “On Route” Service Center. We pull in. They were extremely busy!

We both need to Piss again, so we head back to the Men’s Room.

I walk in first!

It’s a HUGE bathroom. It’s split in two sections like an Airport Bathroom.

The first section has Stalls (I think 8ish?) and Sinks, and as you walk around the center, there’s a whole line of Urinals (9ish of them?) and more Sinks.

A couple of the end Urinals were full, 2 guys were at the sinks, and so I pick a center Urinal. Unzip. And wait.

The Urinals were small little Bowls, shown here…

(And yes, I did take out my phone and snap a shot of them. HA!)

Toronto Urinals

I might as well photo them… I mean, I already had my phone out and was playing with it…

(I did make sure my VOLUME was off! LMAO That would have been Embarrassing!)

The Bathroom was hoping!

Mike took a Urinal 2 to my right. He Peed quickly and was out. I was taking longer, there’s a lot of commotion going on, but I didn’t care. As long as it takes!

Who cares how many guys come and go while I’m trying… The place was so busy no one would notice.

The sinks behind me are bustling. I could hear Footsteps, Talking, Peeing, Flushing…

All the while I’m checking my emails and messages…


And it works!

I Pee and Pee and Pee… and finally Finish!

I didn’t care who saw me, how long I stood there, how long Mike had to wait… All in all, I’m sure it was probably only a few minutes, but boy does it sure seem like a lifetime. :)

On the way out of the Plaza, we stopped by Tim Hortons and grabbed another Large Coffee. This is FUN!

2 Hours later, about 3/4 of the way there, we stopped again at another “ON Route” Service Station.


Mike doesn’t have to go, but I do. I’ve been drinking Coffee and Water all day, and I wanted to Pee before we got to the Hotel.

So once again, I head into the Men’s Room. They are just as busy as the first one. I again take a center Urinal. A guy follows me in and takes a Urinal 2 to my right. Then another guy walks by me and takes the one directly to my left.

It doesn’t matter, because my phone is out and I’M PEEING!

I Peed much faster this time. Getting used to it. although it started out Slow, it eventually picked up steam and went full force.

The guy to my left leaves. Another guy takes the Urinal directly to my right.


And this time, as I’m Peeing, I’m making notes in my iPhone about what’s going on around me, so I can remember it later (and write it down for this post).

See this screenshot…

Keeping Track of my Pee Desensitization

It’s actually pretty Funny, and a Great way to Remember every little detail.

The guy to my right Peed really fast and really LOUD. HE HAD TO GOOOO!

I wasn’t so Speedy. But I really had an Ideal Frame of mind that said “I don’t care how long I take. I don’t care how many guys come and go. I don’t care about ANYTHING but PEEING! And Peeing until I’m finally Finished!”

And that my friends, is precisely what I did.

A minute later, I emptied my bladder, put my phone away, and washed up.

All done.

All Happy.


An hour later, we’re pulling into the Royal York Hotel (roads were all under heavy construction… what a Disaster!), but we’re here!

All in all, I Peed 3 times on the way, and once in the Hotel room while Mike unpacked.

It was a really nice trip, and I didn’t encounter any problems.

It just took a little longer than normal. No biggie!

If that’s all it takes, then I’ll be a Happy Man.

Welcome to Toronto! :)

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