Bathrooms ARE Scary

It’s true!

Bathrooms are scary places.

You never know what’s lurking in the toilet (you may want to cover your eyes). The toilets flush automatically scaring the crap out of you. Sometimes they overflow. There’s something slimy on the door handle. Graffiti is written on the walls saying limericks you’d rather not repeat…

But to a Paruretic (Pee Shy Guy or Gal), Bathrooms take on a whole new meaning. A Darkness that consumes us. Our anxiety takes over. We get scared of making a sound. A movement. We get locked up, frozen, unable to urinate.

Every noise, every footstep, every breath startles us. It’s the scariest place in the world. We’d rather never, ever step foot in it’s chambers. The point of no return!

And we’re not the only ones. You see, there’s something sinister about Bathrooms that scares us all. Shy Bladder or not! Bathrooms ARE intimidating and unnerving places.

Just take a look at any Horror Movie to see for yourself. Often the most frightening place to be is in the Bathroom. It makes your skin curl, your hair stand on end, your heart thump in your chest.

The monsters always get you in the john. The place where we all feel vulnerable. Open for attack.

What hides in the shower?

Rip back the curtain and see for yourself!

Remember the Shining and Room 217? Remember the dead lady in the tub? REDRUM REDRUM

Or what about the lovely Bates Motel and the Shower Scene that still haunts us all today.

Whole stories have been written about frightful things that go bump in Rest Stops (appropriately named Rest Stop). Dire things. Dreadful things.

Remember Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in What Lies Beneath? Don’t get in that tub!

It seems that every creature lives in the murky waters and wants to pull you under.

Bathrooms Are Scary Places

Close any medicine cabinet door and there’s always a ghost or goblin in the mirror.

Bathrooms terrify us!

There’s always Snakes, Spiders and Alligators making their way up the drains… Beware!

What is it about Bathrooms that makes them the perfect setting for Horror?

For the fun of it, I’ve put together a list of Horror Movies (Old and New) that have wonderful deadly Bathrooms, Toilets and Porta Potties… Makes you want to watch them all…

The Tooth Fairy I Spit On Your Grave
Friday The 13th (1, 4, 5 & 6) The Prowler
Halloween (2 & 6) Freddy VS Jason
Jack Frost Dead Zone
Final Destination Night Of The Creeps
Hell Bent Sleepaway Camp (1 & 2)
Amityville Horror (remake) Urban Legend
Species Dreamcatcher
Psycho (1 & 3) The Shining
Fatal Pulse Rest Stop
A Blade In The Dark School Killer
Maniac What Lies Beneath
Reeker Deep Rising
The House On Sorority Row Saw
Cellar Dwellar Terror Train
Pieces Class Reunion Massacre
Zombie Flesheaters The Killer Krapper
Nightmare On Elmstreet Street Trash
Saturday The 14th Slaughter High
The Cleaner Shivers
My Bloody Valentine Mirrors
Witch Board Scary Movie
Darkness Falls White Of The Eye
Scream (2) The Majorettes
Daughters Of Darkness High Anxiety
Jurassic Park Nightschool

That’s a lot of carnage in the loo!

What ever you do, DON’T GO IN THE BATHROOM!

Nothing good ever happens there!

It’s got to be the fact that we feel so isolated, alone, highly vulnerable. Defenseless! You can’t go far in a stall. Picking your feet up never helps. You can’t run, can’t hide, you can never fit out that small bathroom window… You’re trapped!

Everyone sees you. Hears you. Knows you’re here! It’s very blood curdling. You’re on the verge of panic!

See, Paruretics aren’t the only ones on the edge of their seats. It’s the bathrooms and the unknown.

And remember the worst moment that ever happened in a Bathroom? Remember Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary and that Zipper Scene? ZIPPPPPP! OUCH!

That Smarts!

See what I mean? SCARY!

Who’s that coming in the door?


Little Pigs, Little Pigs… Here’s Johnny!

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