6 Drinks at the Restaurant

You take some you lose some!

Paruresis is a BITCH!

Once you think you’ve got it licked, it rears it’s ugly head again.

I guess that it shouldn’t surprise me any. After all, I have had Shy Bladder Syndrome for OVER 40 years now.

That’s a LONG time!

But I still work on it daily, and I refuse to give in, nor give up!

Last night, I go out to eat with a bunch of my friends. It’s a favorite dive and my goal was to not only step foot in that bathroom (something I rarely do), but also to Pee in the Urinal! (Something I have NEVER done there!)

So I make sure that I keep drinking coffee before we head out the door. I certainly didn’t want to dehydrate myself like usual.

Plus, I only Peed once before I left, versus 2 or 3 times. I tell you, I’m pushing my limits to the max!

At the restaurant, I make sure that I drink a LOT!


I had 2 Glasses of Wine (Moscato – I love it!) and 4 Glasses of Water!

I was drinking like a fish. Way more than my normal 1/4 glass minimum.

I was trying to force a high urgency to Pee, for I really was looking for success in that bathroom.

The weird thing is, I didn’t have a high urge (although if I was home, I’m sure I could have gone). Paruresis does a pretty good job at masking my urgency and acting like it’s nothing to be concerned about.. Just ignore it, I got you covered… (It’s been trained my whole life).

So after Dessert, I decide it’s time to try!

I Excuse Myself and Head to the Bathroom!

I go in. I’m the only one in there.

There are 3 urinals past the sinks on the right…

6 Drinks at the Restaurant

3 Stalls are directly across from them. I walk up to the very last urinal, unzip, hold my breath and wait.

I can tell that I’m anxious because for some reason, I have a very hard time holding my breath. In fact, I’m doing a horrible job at it. My heart was racing like crazy… I’ve always had a fear of this bathroom, lord knows why. It’s usually pretty busy and although it’s a medium-sized john, it still feels Small, Cramped and Claustrophobic. Plus, I feel like any second the door will bang open and someone will enter…

I Try to Relax!

I try to put it all out of my mind, but my Breath Holding is broken and patchy. I keep having to take short sips of air in order to hang on. I keep trying to Pee, I know I could, but it’s not happening. I wouldn’t have thought being alone in a bathroom would be difficult. But there’s something about this particular bathroom that really pushes my buttons…

Maybe I drank too much? Maybe I waited too long? Maybe I’m too full?

I finally get to the point where a tiny, squirt of piss comes out… And then I have to gasp!



I chalk it up to not a high enough urgency. Who knows? Trying to force yourself to Pee is NOT easy!

If an urgency is there, I can usually go. But without one, it’s like beating my head against the wall.

I tried once more. It didn’t work. I gave in and left the bathroom.

Not too long after that we left the Restaurant.

We go over a Friend’s House!

They have a small bathroom next to their Kitchen (just like we do). I’ve always had a hard time Peeing in that bathroom. Especially if everyone is in the Kitchen, which is a normal gathering spot.

So I tell myself that I would try to Pee there, using Breath Hold of course… Because after that 1/2 hour drive, I could finally feel an urge to Pee (I’m sure this was brought on by the Cold Weather).

So I go into the small bathroom, with barely enough room to stand…

I can hear everyone chatting and laughing just a few feet away

I Unzip, Hold my Breath and Wait!

And that did it!

Within 30 seconds of using Breath Hold, I began to Pee!

And interestingly enough, I noticed pretty quickly that I was instinctively Peeing on the side of the toilet bowl (being quiet), which is something that I haven’t done in years!


As soon as I noticed that, I corrected myself and aimed my stream into the water bowl making loud splashing noises.


So I Peed, emptied my bladder, and felt much better about the night.

And then once home, I Peed again, and again, and again. It finally caught up with me! :)

So while Breath Hold was difficult at the restaurant, I was still able to Pee before I got home.

Things I Accomplished Tonight:

  1. I Loaded up on Fluids
  2. I Stepped into a Scary Bathroom
  3. I Peed a Squirt in the Urinal
  4. I Peed at a Friend’s House with People close by
  5. I made Loud Peeing Noises
  6. I Emptied my Bladder

So it wasn’t a Total Wash…

But it does go to show that Paruresis will always be a Rollercoaster Ride (as can be expected).

I will have great times, and poor times. But all in all, I am still pushing forward, and still Desensitizing, and still practicing Breath Hold every day!

I feel a little disappointed about tonight, but I still faced my fears, and that’s the important thing.

It may take me a lifetime to Overcome Paruresis, but it’s still better than being handcuffed to home.

Wouldn’t you Agree?

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