3 Big Events Coming

I must be crazy!

Or enjoying a little recovery because I have 3 HIGH ANXIETY Events planned and coming up.


One is just in 2 days; that’s a Hockey Game where we’ll eat at Fricker’s before we go to the arena (love those Wings).

And then I have a Concert in a couple of months…

3 Big Events Coming

AND I just made plans for Opening Day at the Ball Game! (Which will probably be the most packed crowd of the season).

Those are some HUGE Events and I’m excited to see my Breath Hold in action.

Finally, I can Pee in Peace!

I’m a little nervous about them though. I’m sure things like this will always make me a little nervous my whole life. But I also feel excited as I see and feel that my anxiety is slowly dissipating and slipping away.

It has no choice to!

The more and more success I have, the more I’ll see that there really is no reason to be tense.

For I CAN and AM able to Pee in Public!

It’s just difficult to let 40 years worth of learned behavior go…

Someday I hope to look back on all this, like a distant memory, and think to myself “I can’t believe that scared me!

Because bathrooms really aren’t that bad anymore. It’s just people peeing. Who cares?

So even though those Events are already seared in my brain, and I’m thinking about the bathroom situations, I feel like I’ll come out alright.

Pee, Enjoy the Night, and shift the focus to the Main Event:

Scoring the Goal!

Up until then, I’ve been practicing Breath Hold each and every time that I Pee (Non-Stop Practice).

I’m getting used to that “Gasping for Air” and “Uncomfortable Feeling“.

I’m not fearing it so much.

I know that’s necessary and that’s the “Sweet Spot“. The point that matters the most!

Without it, there would be NO PEE!

So I deal with it!

Practice makes perfect, eh?

I talked to Mike about the fact that it’s a little bit harder for me because of my urine stream. It’s not as strong as it used to be (unless I Fluid Load).

This may be partly because I feel like have an Enlarged Prostate (welcome to life guys). So it’s not so easy for Breath Hold to get me to that “Full Stream” mode.

I have to work on it. It is what it is. And it IS working!

So I won’t complain too much about that.

I’m Peeing In Public

I’m Peeing in Urinals (I’ve lost track of how many successful times I’ve now Peed in Urinals), and I feel like my future is GRAND!

And no matter what…

I feel like my GOAL is already WON! :)

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