A Night out on the Town

So tonight, I’m heading to the local Art Museum for a function with 5 of my friends.

We’re there for about 1 1/2 hours, but at one point in the night, I excuse myself and head for the bathroom.

I don’t have a massive urge to pee (but I did have an urge) since I didn’t Fluid Load, but I felt like I could try. If anything maybe I could pee a little?

I wanted to make this attempt no matter what, because I’ve been in that bathroom before, but I’ve never stepped up to those urinals (I don’t even know what they look like or how many there are).

Will Tonight be a Change for the Better?

I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, I didn’t want to spook myself. So I just got up and headed in that direction. Easy as that.

I walk down the hall and turn into the restroom.

I’m the only one in there!

I walk up to the urinals (such crazy looking bowl urinals) and I see that there are 4 of them against the far wall. I grab the first one positioned in the corner, unzip and wait.

I can tell I’m pretty nervous. It’s quiet in there, so I know that if I’m going to pee, I’ll probably have to force it.

So I do Breath Hold!

About 30 seconds into it, I begin to pee.

And I was able to slowly inhale and exhale gradually so I could maintain my stream without breaking it.

I peed until my bladder was fully empty.

I felt Awesome about that!

Elated as a matter of fact. Especially since I didn’t really have to go.

After the Museum, we all head out to eat.

We end up at one of my favorite restaurants (great burgers and fries), and I drink a couple bottles of Root Beer.

I didn’t have any urge to pee, since I had already gone, but I thought it would be wise to at least go into the bathroom here just to desensitize.

So without dwelling further on it, I just excused myself and headed to the Men’s Room.

I walk in, I’m the only one in there!

This is good because there is only 1 urinal in here!

A Night Out On The Town


I feel my heart race as I step up to that urinal. The urinal itself is set deep into the wall. So as soon as you walk in, you have to make a hard right and walk into it… And, upon entering the bathroom, you don’t know if someone’s at that urinal until you turn the corner and walk in. It can get a little nerve wracking!

“Oh, Sorry, Excuse Me!

I hold my breath, but I can tell I’m panicky…

After about 45 seconds Breath Hold works and I begin to pee a little. Not much, but at least I did pee some.

I kept thinking that any minute the door would bang open and some guy would round the corner on me…

It would certainly startle me, embarrass me, and probably most likely lock me up.

But no one came in and I did get some urine out.

This bathroom has always been a little intimidating. Very quiet, a little dark and 1 haunting urinal!

So I finally Flushed, Washed and Left!


At least I did some desensitization, that’s the important thing. I didn’t sit there at the table like a lump!

So I find that if I have an urge to urinate, especially after Fluid Loading, Breath Hold works pretty well.

But without an urge, then Breath Hold is very difficult and brings on panic attacks.

So the Moral of the Story is:

Pee when you have the urge!

Or force that urge by drinking more liquids when you’re out, or Fluid Load before you leave the house.

Because trying to pee when you don’t have to, is sheer agony!

So I peed successfully at the Museum, but not so much at the restaurant.

Success or Failure?

A little of each!

And I fear, my whole life will always be a little of both.


Just like everything else in this world…

It’s all one big roller-coaster ride!

Wouldn’t you agree?

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