I Don’t Know Any Other Paruretics

It really is amazing how secret Paruretics are.

We hide the fact that we’re pee shy. We tell no one. Our Friends don’t know. Our Family doesn’t know. And many times our Spouse or Partner doesn’t know.

Funny thing about it… It’s a Social Phobia!

I never recall walking into a men’s restroom and seeing another person acting pee shy. You know: Hesitating, Going into the Stall to Pee when there are empty Urinals, Standing there silent for minutes on end, making no noise, no pee, nothing…

Paruretics are Secret

You would think I’d see someone sometime or another turn around and leave the bathroom, or bolt to the sinks to wash their hands…

Why don’t people with Paruresis notice other Paruretics?

You’d think it would show up like radar.

“Oh Look! He has a Shy Bladder!”

But it doesn’t happen that way. We are secretive. Everything about the bathroom is a big secret. Something invisible that no one else should see or hear. We’re so concentrated on what we’re doing, what others are thinking of us, what they are whispering, saying, laughing, that we fail to notice…

We keep this all bottled up inside where the phobia will eat away at us and grow and eventually consume us.

Who knows how it Started?

I don’t know when my shyness began. As far back as I remember I had it. It’s all I know.

But it does bother me that I know no other person with it.

It doesn’t make any sense. Surely I’ve met tons of other guys before that are pee shy?

Why doesn’t anyone open up? Spill the beans?

Admit they can’t pee next to another guy.

Is it really just Humiliation?

Will they laugh at your masculinity? Your shyness? Your Penis size?

I’m guessing that my childhood brought this on for me, but I don’t really know. No single tragic event stands out as the one that traumatized me (they all did).

Is that a secret too?

Do I block that out like I block my pee?

Maybe it’s because it’s such an embarrassing private thing that no one else would understand? They couldn’t possibly comprehend!

“You can’t go to the bathroom?”

I can already see the doubt in their eyes and hear the doubt in their voice. Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

People would really look at us like we’re insane…

That is, after they stop laughing, smirking, clearing their throat… They’d think it was a joke.

This is why it’s such a secret. It’s hard to admit that overwhelming fear.

Instead we remain secret, hidden, blending in with the walls, lurking, waiting for the bathroom to clear out so we can finally relieve ourselves.

What a horrible burden!

If you have Paruresis, take a stand.


Drop me an email, or a story, say hi (I’m Richard)…

Connect with me!

Getting this fear out in the open and off your chest is the first step in recovery.

And YES, I do fully intend to recover (and you’ll read it here one post at a time).

So step out of your comfort zone. Send me a note. Leave me a comment. Don’t be alone!

Just DO Something!

It’s time we stand united as one. It’s time we stood at the urinals and peed. Peed FREE!

Maybe you’ll see that you’re not going crazy. There are thousands of people that are controlled by their bladder as well.

I may have never met anyone in real life that has this condition (as far as I know of), but I have started this blog. I have shown the world my handcuffs and I am hoping to make other friends with Paruresis just like me.

This way we can share our stories, results and successes!

I’m reaching out, one Paruretic to another…

Please do the same.

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